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National Karting Association Trade Day: Our Highlights

National Karting Association Trade Day: Our Highlights

The National Karting Association (NKA) is an organization that represents karting tracks from all parts of the United Kingdom. Members of this organization include karting track/circuit owners. 

We heard from National Karting Association Trade Day attendees that many were there to check out NKA members' offerings. They were interested in hosting events at members' karting tracks and wanted to find the perfect fit. The advantages for event organizers who want to use an NKA member’s circuit include knowing that circuits are inspected regularly and comply with all national safety guidelines. NKA can also help those wanting to hold an event with an NKA member to tailor the structure of their event to their exact requirements. 

Through NKA, non-members (members of the public) can attend industry events and use the tracks, services, and products members offer, like karting insurance suppliers, track equipment and timing systems.

We had the pleasure of attending NKA's Trade Day on June 6th, where we had the opportunity to connect with colleagues and peers in the karting industry. It was an insightful event where we learned from one another, discussed industry trends and projections, and better understood how we can collaborate to solve common industry problems.

Join us as we recap the events' most insightful and memorable moments!

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Karting trends in 2023

We had the privilege of connecting with various customers, operators, prospects, and industry experts, and we learned so much from each other. 

Keep reading to discover some of the most profound learnings we took away from our conversations! 

Operators want to offer guests more options

During our conversations with operators, it was interesting to learn that many of them have plans to expand their venue offerings by incorporating more games and activities — much like a Family Entertainment Center (FEC). 

By adding VR, golf, and other recreational activities and broadening their food offerings, karting venues with extra physical space wanted to use these activities to increase their revenue and keep customers in their venue for longer periods. This strategy also helps them reach a broader range of guests beyond just those interested in karting.

However, to sustainably grow at scale, operators spoke to us about realizing they require a more robust and powerful venue management system.

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Operators want to update their systems and prefer all-in-one venue management solutions 

We heard from many operators that they were dissatisfied with their current venue management systems as they were outdated and had trouble keeping step with the changing needs and preferences of staff and guests. One of their biggest challenges is using multiple systems/ platforms for different business functions.

We heard from attendees that this way of doing things was causing too much frustration and too many errors. As all-in-one systems are integrated and “talk to each other,” operators were keen to explore using such a system to reduce errors and staff and guest frustration. 

We also heard that operators wanted modern tech that is fast, user-friendly, intuitive and that looks and feels great to boost the guest and staff experience.

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How ROLLER helps karting venues thrive

We loved speaking about the ROLLER platform, our integration with Volare (specifically to better service our karting venue operators), and much more. 

The sentiment that emerged the most from our conversations with operators was our belief that venue management technology when done right, should kill any friction in the guest experience, be intuitive, modern, exciting to use, and facilitate exceptional venue management and guest experiences.

If we didn’t get a chance to speak to you, here’s a roundup of some significant ROLLER features that address common karting venue concerns.

All-in-one venue management software means fewer errors and increased efficiency

The ROLLER platform is designed to help operators deliver a superior guest experience, save time, and boost revenue. 

ROLLER offers a comprehensive range of tools enabling operators to sell their services, serve their customers, market their business, and manage their operations efficiently. 

With ROLLER, operators can eliminate the hassle and frustration of managing multiple platforms and deliver their customers a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Real-time digital signage to keep guests excited and engaged 

Through ROLLER’s integration with Volare, venues can create multiple customized leaderboards and automatically populate them with an array of guest data. 

Meaning you can display scoreboards, safety lights, shut-down transponders, and custom advertisements or announcements!

Sell stock online or in-store with ease

ROLLER makes it simple for your venue to sell tickets in-venue and online.

With ROLLER's Progressive Checkout, you can take advantage of a variety of user-friendly and modern features designed to enhance your conversion rates and provide a more engaging online experience for your guests. 

The contextual add-on options and captivating visuals will keep your guests engaged and encourage them to spend more with you, resulting in higher conversions and a 50% increase in basket size!

ROLLER systems also make scheduling a breeze. Our cloud-based system updates in real-time so venues can list and update available/sold tickets and race spots, all in real-time, so you will never overbook again.

Powerful POS that will dazzle your guests and staff

At ROLLER, we take pride in delivering exceptional performance with our POS systems. Our focus is on providing a lightning-fast, user-friendly, and highly efficient system that helps businesses grow. 

With ROLLER's POS, you can access a range of features, including ticketing, F&B, group and party bookings, and more. These features work seamlessly with our POS system, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Electronic waivers that cover you and impress your guests 

Your guests probably don’t get over-excited at the prospect of filling out a waiver. But you can make it easy for them with ROLLER’s electronic waivers

Our digital waivers allow guests to easily complete them before their visit, saving time and preventing delays upon arrival. 

This approach not only lowers the risk of liability but also provides an excellent opportunity to gather valuable customer data for future targeted marketing campaigns.

Thanks for having us, NKA!

We loved being a part of this vibrant, knowledgeable, and tight-knit community, and we thank you for having us, NKA.

We hope we got a chance to meet, but if we didn't, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

We'd love to talk about how ROLLER can assist your karting venues’ growth, improve operational efficiencies and boost revenue. You can schedule a meeting with us here.