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Embrace Contactless Convenience with Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering

Embrace Contactless Convenience with Native Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering

In an era where technology continually shapes guest interactions, we are excited to announce the release of our most recently developed product feature: Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering. This feature, built directly into the ROLLER platform, allows guests to simply place an order from their mobile device right from their table using a QR code. This industry-leading feature is designed to boost spend per guest and optimize labor costs for venue operators. 

In this blog post, we'll delve into the ways our newest release is keeping up with the expectations guests have from technology while increasing revenue and saving time for venue operators. 

The digital evolution of attractions businesses

At this time when technology drives all experiences, attraction venues are embracing change like never before. ROLLER's Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering feature is symbolic of this digital evolution and a prime example of how attractions adapt to the changing demands of their tech-savvy guests.

Mobile F&B ordering
The post-COVID world has thrust self-service and contactless convenience into the spotlight, transforming these trends from a "nice to have" into an absolute necessity. This shift is where ROLLER's Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering steps in, offering operators a solution that caters to their guest's preferences while driving efficiencies for operational costs.

QR code menus have become a staple in the restaurant industry, offering a convenient and hygienic way to access dining options (52% of all American restaurants have already transitioned to QR code menus!). The release of this native feature enables venue operators to stay abreast of market trends and deliver incredible guest interactions at every point in their journey.

How Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering works

ROLLER's contactless Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is a hassle-free experience where guests simply scan a QR code on their table to access a user-friendly digital menu. This convenient system gives guests the time to peruse the menu at their own pace, with vivid images and prices at their fingertips.  It also simplifies coordination and collaboration for group dining. 

Once an order is placed, it automatically gets sent to the kitchen, cutting down wait times and reducing the need for additional counter staff. This new feature is built right into ROLLER’s venue management platform, eliminating the need for a separate tool and ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. 

F&B Scan to order
As with the rest of the ROLLER platform, the setup of Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is intuitive and offers flexible configuration whilst the guest-facing interface is modern and designed to increase spend per guest with add-ons and packages. 

The availability of the food & beverage checkout is based on a venue’s operating hours and stock availability periods, so staff never have to worry about an order being placed when the kitchen is closed. Operators also have options to configure different delivery methods -  they can allow guests to pick up their order from the counter, have orders delivered right to their table, or let the guest decide! 

Additionally, repeat guests can enjoy added convenience with the option to re-order past favorites and pay with a saved payment method.

ROLLER customer, Gold Coast Wake Park, have begun using the feature and are already seeing the value. "We're thrilled to partner with ROLLER and adopt their Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering feature. It's a game-changer for us at Gold Coast Wake Park, as it not only saves us valuable time but also caters to our guests' preferences. Whether they want to order from the counter or from their mobile devices, this technology has truly elevated our guest experience!” explained Dan Watkins, Owner of Gold Coast Wake Park.

ROLLER's Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is a game-changer for us at Gold Coast Wake Park, as it not only saves us valuable time but also caters to our guests' preferences.
Owner, Gold Coast Wake Park
Dan Watkins

Food and beverage sales: A revenue game-changer

Current attractions industry trends show food and beverage sales playing an increasingly bigger part of revenue generation. ROLLER's Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering feature acknowledges this shift, providing venue operators with a powerful tool built right into the rest of ROLLER’s venue management platform, designed to boost spend per guest and enhance the overall guest experience.

Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is super convenient for guests - no need for them to leave their belongings behind at the table, remember everyone’s order or take their eyes off the rest of their group for too long. Ordering from the table allows guests to take their time ordering and easily coordinate everyone’s order, all while keeping the whole group together.

While this experience is convenient for guests, it also means less labor required to service food and beverage orders. Venue operators may choose to save staffing costs and reduce the number of staff working the food & beverage counter and table service due to the self-serve nature of the feature.

Additionally, Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering is built to collect 3x the amount of guest data than traditional food & beverage ordering, including contact details and menu preferences. This data can then be used to personalize future marketing campaigns and drive repeat visitation!

The future of food & beverage ordering is here!

ROLLER's Mobile Food & Beverage Ordering isn't just about convenience; it's about streamlining the overall dining experience for both the guest and the venue. By reducing wait times, simplifying the order process, and personalizing future marketing campaigns, venue operators can enhance guest satisfaction and drive loyalty.

This feature is already available to all ROLLER customers on the Premium or Enterprise subscription, contact your account manager to have the feature enabled. If you’re not yet a ROLLER customer or are interested in upgrading your subscription, click here to schedule a meeting and learn more. 

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