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In-App help resources

We've redesigned and rebuilt our in-app help experiences for to make learning ROLLER easier than ever.

Learning any new software platform can be challenging, especially for time poor venue owners and managers. To make learning how to use ROLLER easier than ever, we've redesigned and rebuilt our in-app help experiences for both Venue Manager and POS.

What's new?

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All new help panel

A new full height help panel in both POS and Venue Manager has been created to provide clear sections of help resources to access:

  • walkthroughs,
  • knowledge base articles, 
  • submit a support ticket
  • ROLLER change log,
  • platform status page,
  • ROLLER roadmap

Contextual help resources

Walkthroughs and recommended articles have been hand moderated by a ROLLER Product Specialist to deliver the exact help you need on the screen you need it - on every screen of both Venue Manager and POS.

For example - viewing a Product screen in Venue Manager.

The resources displayed when you click the Help icon are specific to managing products, creating products, archiving products and other product specific topics.


Walkthroughs are a new tool we've added to visually guide users through configurations, processes and interfaces - step by step.

Walkthroughs will also be utilised to help users learn and implement new ROLLER features, ensuring venues maximise their use and benefit of ROLLER.

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.11.51 pm

Improved articles 

Our team has been working hard to enhance our help centre content to make it easier for users to find exactly what they need. They've created new articles, consolidated articles and enhanced others by adding overview snippets, index links and improving content with new videos and inserting bulleted lists.


We've also added checklists - they're used to step users through:

  • setting up new ROLLER venues,
  • automated training of new managers,
  • configuring integrations to other platforms
  • or any other series of multi step processes.

What's next

Our Product Specialists are constantly working on our help resources and adding more walkthroughs, articles and checklists.