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How ROLLER Analytics Helps Venues Grow Memberships

How ROLLER Analytics Helps Venues Grow Memberships
Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball to see into your business’s future? We’re a few years off on that technology, but we do have the next best thing! ROLLER’s Analytics feature, created in partnership with Google BigQuery, gives you a real-time look into your venue's performance and guests' interactions with your brand. 

While this powerful product suite offers numerous benefits, this article will focus on just one—how ROLLER Analytics can help attraction venues grow memberships. 
Why do memberships matter for attraction venues?

Memberships are a fantastic means of recurring revenue, which not only helps your business grow through a healthy bottom line but allows you to better strategize for future endeavors. 

Put it this way: When you need to plan for big events, such as expanding or adding an attraction to your venue, you need cash to make that happen. When you have recurring income from memberships, this allows you to go to investors or a bank with an accurate projection of your business’s trajectory. In theory, this means you’re a safer investment because you can prove that your concept works! And if you don’t want to go down the investment route, recurring revenue from memberships means you have more money to put towards business growth. 

So, now you can see why a venue might build a strategy around memberships and membership growth. More revenue = more opportunities, and memberships are a fantastic launching pad for both of these things. 

What is ROLLER Analytics? 

With ROLLER Analytics, you get a straightforward way to keep tabs on essential revenue, guest, and membership metrics through simple reports and visual dashboards. Integrated directly into the ROLLER platform, it provides a quick overview of your business performance, eliminating the hassle of manual data analysis or the need to export data.

These insights are practical and easy to use, helping you see beyond everyday operations to plan for your business’s future growth. By monitoring trends in revenue and guest behavior, you can take a proactive stance, focusing on what works well and deciding where to invest to enhance earnings.

The benefits of adopting such tools are clear—using business intelligence like this can save up to 125 hours a year on data analysis and potentially boost your operating income by up to 2.5%.

Simplified data means simplified membership strategies 

ROLLER Analytics simplifies data interpretation for venues. With an intuitive dashboard that gives you a snapshot of critical data, you can fuel your strategies without needing to spend hundreds of hours crunching numbers and searching for trends. 

This means that you can view your metrics around revenue, guest behavior, and memberships all on a platter.  By doing so, you can easily highlight areas of success and opportunities for improvement.

When looking to grow your membership program, look for the following data points: 

  • Active recurring members: Knowing exact numbers in real-time can help you fine-tune marketing efforts, strategize for retention, and identify the causes of churn.  
  • Average recurring membership charge: If you’re looking to upsell membership tiers, you can measure the average spend and find ways to make more lucrative packages appealing.  
  • Average membership duration: Do members typically drop off at the same point? Knowing this will help you identify why and plug any leaks while strategizing for ways to prevent them.
  • Churn rate (Advanced Analytics): Understand how many of your members are churning and use your detailed data to identify potential causes.
  • Number of renewals (Advanced Analytics): Memberships that roll over mean happy customers and a happy bottom line! Monitor your membership renewals and see the effectiveness of your efforts play out live.
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Analytics in action. 
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Proactive strategies are a cornerstone of membership growth 

Memberships aren’t a “build it, and they will come” offering. Creating appealing membership programs and managing them takes time and effort (even though a smart management platform like ROLLER makes the process easier). 

The key to sustained growth is being proactive rather than reactive. ROLLER Analytics helps venues predict trends and adjust strategies in real time. By monitoring membership metrics and other essential data points through visual dashboards, venue operators can make informed decisions that drive membership retention and acquisition. 

Here are ways that you can use Analytics to improve your membership strategy: 

  • Identify peak times: Use data to determine when your venue experiences the highest traffic, then target these times with special offers or membership drives to maximize engagement.
  • Personalize member offers: Analyze individual member activity and preferences to tailor promotions and benefits, making membership more appealing based on real-time interactions.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns: Track the immediate response to marketing campaigns and adjust strategies in real time to improve effectiveness and conversion rates.
  • Monitor member satisfaction: Use feedback and interaction data gathered during visits to address any concerns promptly and improve the overall member experience.
  • Prevent churn: Monitor your churn rates to identify potential catalysts. Then, implement strategies to prevent members from dropping off.
  • Enhance event planning: Utilize attendance and preference data to plan events or classes that are more likely to attract and retain members.
  • Predict trends: Analyze real-time data to predict upcoming trends and preferences, allowing you to adapt your venue offerings ahead of the competition.
  • Refine pricing strategies: Adjust membership pricing dynamically based on demand trends identified through real-time data to maximize sign-ups without undercutting profits.
  • Increase renewal rates: Use data on membership usage and engagement levels to engage members with renewal incentives before their membership lapses.

Personalizing member experiences

Getting to know how your members behave is crucial, especially since most people are used to getting personalized treatment from other brands. With Analytics, you can access detailed reports on guest spending and visitation behavior. This information lets you craft offers and messages that really hit the mark. 

For instance, if you notice that certain guests visit frequently but aren’t members yet, you can tailor marketing messages to let them know how much they could have saved by becoming a member and offering a discounted rate to sign up. This not only makes their experience better as it shows you care for them, but it also allows you to capitalize on low-hanging fruit that would have otherwise been missed!

For venues looking to dive deeper, ROLLER’s Advanced Analytics provides comprehensive tools to analyze membership retention, visitation patterns, and even demographics. This level of detail is perfect for creating personalized marketing campaigns to drive memberships, increase party visits, and grow cart sizes. 

Turn your data into dollars 

With ROLLER Analytics, venues have a powerful tool to understand their current business landscape and capitalize on future trends. This ensures that venues can offer more than just a place to visit; they can create a community that feels valued and understood, significantly boosting membership growth and retention.

Whether you're already a ROLLER customer or considering becoming one, leveraging these analytics tools can profoundly impact your business’s bottom line and operational efficiency. Analytics does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—growing your membership base and enhancing guest experiences.

Analytics is free for all ROLLER customers, and Advanced Analytics is available on the Premium and Enterprise plans. Find out more or upgrade via our Help Center today!

Not a ROLLER customer? Book a demo to learn more about how ROLLER helps you grow your business.