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Elevating your Outdoor Cinema Experience


Whether your customers are looking for some family bonding or a perfect date activity, visiting an outdoor cinema is sure to bring magic to their summer evening. 

Anyone who has ever worked in a cinema knows that there’s a lot that goes on before the opening credits roll. As outdoor cinemas grow in popularity ensure that yours stands out and provides moviegoers with the best experience possible. Try out these five innovative ways to elevate your business and increase attendance!

1. Master your ticketing purchase systems

First, you must master your ticketing process and leave a lasting first impression with a seamless ticketing process. Appeal to every type of customer by allowing them to buy tickets both online or on site. Lastly, utilize a ticketing module that’s built right into your website instead of redirecting customers to an entirely off brand site.

2. Encourage bulk purchases

With a seamless ticketing system, you can sell more than just tickets in your checkout process. Up-sell to customers before they even walk through the door with pre-made bundles built into your ticketing module. Provide package options for every budget and group size or even allow customers to create their own packages. Don’t forget to advertize the bundles on your website and have your staff promote them to customers on site at the ticket booth.

3. Streamline the check-in process

Scanning tickets can be a drag but you can make the process quick and painless! Utilize handheld scanners at your entrances to help staff stay organized and increase productivity as well as take payments anywhere at any time while tablets can bring mobility to your entry systems to control capacity with real-time visibility of your venue. Make sure you’re equipped with hardware that can scan any type of ticket with ease!

4. Try out gift cards

If your cinema doesn’t already offer gift cards, now is the perfect time to start! Gift cards work as a referral tool and can help generate extra profit. Sell digital gift cards as well as physical ones and promote them through your social channels. Try to take the “gift” out of “gift card” and provide incentives for storing gift cards on customer’s phones for self-use.

5. Connect with your customers

Start utilizing email marketing to connect with your customers. Keep your customers up to date with automated emails about current sessions, upcoming releases, special events or deals. Manage and segment your audience to ensure they don’t receive too many irrelevant emails. Customize emails with brand colors and your logo, and don’t forget to monitor how many clicks, shares, or unsubscribes your email generates in real-time.

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