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15 Customer Experience Statistics To Help You Grow in 2023

Customer experience statistics

We know you’re all about the customer; that you work tirelessly to ensure that all of your guests have the most fantastic time at your venue.

So today, we’ve compiled a list of the top customer experience statistics from 2022 to help you gain more precise insights into what your guests currently want this year.

Read on to discover the latest statistics and how your venue can utilize them to drive business growth and amplify their experience.

What is customer experience, and why are the statistics important to venue operators?

The guest experience includes the entire customer journey from when they become aware of you to when they decide to purchase from you.

Customer experience statistics are vital because they provide valuable insights into how your guests’ experience with your business affects their behavior and feelings towards it.

If you knew, for example, that the chance of a prospective guest purchasing tickets at your venue would significantly increase if your online checkout was optimized for mobile, you might consider allocating more of your budget to developing this function.

In this way, knowing the relevant statistics can help you pinpoint changes that might need to be made to your current operations. But also, the statistics can show you where you’re doing really well!

General customer experience statistics

1. Businesses that focus on improving the customer experience see an 80% increase in revenue.

2. 73% of customers say the customer experience is a major driving factor in their purchasing decisions.

3. 80% of customers are more likely to purchase when offered a personalized experience.

4. 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

5. 60% of customers trust reviews from family, friends, and other customers.

6. 67% of customers prefer self-service to interacting with a team member.

7. 90% of leaders have significantly improved customer experiences using data analytics reports.

Positive customer experience statistics

8. Customer spending can increase by up to 140% from a positive customer experience.

9. A customer experience that is 'very good' brings back 87% of customers.

10. 72% of customers who have had a great experience share this with six or more people. However, conversely, 13% of customers who had a bad experience will share this with over 15 people.

11. 49% of customers have said that they've made impulse purchases after fantastic customer experiences that were personalized.

Negative customer experience statistics

12. 57% of customers wouldn't recommend a brand that isn't mobile-friendly and has a poorly designed website.

13. If they dislike the purchasing process, 74% of customers would be inclined to go elsewhere.

COVID-19 customer experience statistics

14. 50% of U.S. consumers report that the pandemic increased their customer service expectations and now view good customer service as a deciding purchasing factor.

15. During the pandemic, there was a 42% increase in customers valuing helpful, empathetic team members.


5 best practices to improve your customer experience

Let's delve into some of the business areas mentioned above and learn about how you can leverage them to take your customer experience to the next level.

1. Use a guest sentiment analysis tool

It's a fact that customer-focused companies increase their revenue much faster than those who aren't﹘1.4 times faster, to be precise.

So if you want to make the most of this statistic,consider adopting a guest sentiment analysis tool that can help you measure your guests' experiences from when they first discover you to when they leave your venue.

When you know exactly the experience your guests had with you, and how satisfied they were with it, you can see where you did well and also the areas that might need improvement.

2. Personalize your offerings

52% of guests now expect all offerings to be personalized, with 59% stating that they expect post-visit interactions to be tailored based on previous visits.

Having systems and guest sentiment tools that can record such guest information may be of assistance here, especially if your company uses ones that are cloud-based.

Cloud-based systems can make business operations much easier, especially if you operate across multiple venues or work globally and require real-time information syncing.

3. Introduce self-serve kiosks

Self-service is no longer new-fangled technology that only supermarkets and airports have. Now everyone has it. So it's what your guests expect, and it can also give your venue a real boost.

With almost 70% of guests reporting that they would rather use self-serve than interact with a team member, it might be handy to look into including at least one self-serve kiosk in your venue.

The customer experience statistics say customers want self-serve kiosks, but they can also increase sales, reduce direct-payroll costs, and cut down queue times for your venue.

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4. Ensure your online checkout is mobile-optimized

As of May 2022, 58.26% of all web traffic [comes] through mobile phones. So most of your guests are online, and 75% admit to judging your credibility by your online presence.

And just one last mobile statistic for you: 50% of customers will stop visiting a website if it’s not mobile-friendly.

There's no doubt about it; you have to be online, and you have to ensure that your online experience and online checkout is spectacular. If not, it will put you behind the rest, and you don't want to miss out when this problem can be easily rectified with a great, mobile-optimized POS system.

5. Use business reporting to level-up

Gone are the days of reporting using endless spreadsheets. These days most modern platforms use cloud-based reporting. Cloud-based reporting means that you can create and access reports from anywhere.

With these reports, you can see which areas of your business your guests love and where improvement might be needed. And you can make business decisions/ adjustments in real-time.

Cloud-based reporting in this modern era just makes good business sense!

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Enhance your guest experience today

How often have you abandoned your cart due to a poor experience? More than a few times? Don't let this happen to your business; use the customer experience statistics we shared here to pivot and prosper.

Customer experience statistics like these can help you better understand what your guests currently want from you. If you improve areas such as your online checkout, speed of POS, accessibility of self-serve kiosks, and even your reporting methods, you will stand out from the rest AND increase guest loyalty and revenue.