Behind the scenes with Chris Leeden, Product Manager

One of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked, jobs in tech is that of the product manager. Product managers act as a liaison between customers, tech teams, sales, and marketing in helping to design the products that customers want and need to help grow their business.

ROLLER Product Manager Chris Leeden is one of our many #facesoftech who combines a range of professional skills in helping to meet our customers needs. Since Chris joined ROLLER, he’s been most proud of working on the Guest Experience Score; a new product developed to better collect, analyze and action insights from guest sentiment data. Read on to find out what else attracted Chris to joining the ROLLER team.

Where are you based?
I’m currently living in Geelong, Victoria, which is a bayside city about an hour from the Melbourne CBD and also ROLLER’s head office.

Have you always been based there?
I used to be closer to Melbourne but have lived in Geelong for about 15 years.

When did you first start at ROLLER?
August 2021.

How did you come to find out about ROLLER?
Luke Flahive, Software Engineer at ROLLER and I previously worked together and are really good friends. He told me about the product manager role and encouraged me to apply.

And what excited you about the opportunity to work for ROLLER?
I was attracted to ROLLER based on how strong the product offering is and the strength of product leadership from Rich, ROLLER’s Chief Product Officer. Many software companies might have good products but aren’t as focused on customer success. Company contributions and investments in developing products that have real business impact and help support their customers' use of those products make all the difference.

What does a typical day at ROLLER look like in your role?
I’m focusing heavily on data and engagement, where we should be prioritizing our efforts. One area I’m particularly passionate about is making the Guest Experience Score the best product for collecting, analyzing and actioning guest sentiment on the market.

What other teams do you work with most closely to achieve this?
I work closely with our Product Marketing Manager, Uli. We often connect with customers to get their insights firsthand. On any given week I’ll also work closely with our developers, Customer Support and Sales teams.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m really into my coffee and have a full machine setup using a La Marzocco Linea Mini with some custom modifications. I’ve also been doing jiu-jitsu training.

How do you balance work and other commitments and responsibilities you may have?
I’m definitely not a morning person! For me 1 am seems to be the prime time to get things done. But I tend to make sure I consistently find balance after work, like winding down with friends.

What’s a hidden talent that you have that you’ve not yet shared?
Barista skills - I can make a pretty great coffee!

🌩 Lightning round with Chris

Favorite food?
Fried chicken

Favorite TV show?

Favorite color?

Cats or dogs?

Beach or Mountains?

Not currently

If you’d like to join Chris and the rest of the ROLLER Product Team in working on exciting products like the Guest Experience Score, which are really making a difference to the ways in which our customers service their guests and grow their business, check out our latest tech job openings.