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5 Ways To Improve Your Online Ticketing Process

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Over 74% of carts are left abandoned. 

Let that sink in. 74% of your customers fill up their shopping baskets with the things they want, get to the counter, drop the basket and walk out without completing their purchase. Why? Mainly because of poor or broken online checkout processes. This is why your online checkout process is critical. It’s where window shoppers become paying customers, where customers hand over their hard-earned cash. It’s easy to slap on a widget and say you accept multiple payment methods - but if you’re serious about converting more customers, with increased basket sizes you will want to take control of the checkout process and work with a partner that suits your needs.

Here are 5 tips to get you converting more customers today:

Mobile Optimized

Did you know that about half of all online shopping is done on mobile and almost 25% of them are buying tickets? If your mobile payments aren’t top notch, you’re losing business. Every time someone lands on your mobile site, to research or buy tickets, and leaves without purchasing, you lose a sale. Ensure your purchasing system works well with mobile and watch your sales get a boost.


You want your brand to be recognized to increase awareness and trust. This means keeping colors, fonts, and design consistent across your website and checkout page. Sure, certain online payment providers deliver the front-end ready made for you, but you give up control over the look and feel of your checkout page. Keep your brand 'top-of-mind' in the purchasing process and build trust with your customers.


Website traffic is one of the most important metrics in the digital world. Why work so hard to get them to your website, only to force them off it to make a purchase? This is the main disadvantage of using 3rd party services that redirect people away from your website. You also lose control of the design of the checkout page, with your customers feeling like they're giving their money to another business when buying from you. Checking out and paying will be the last thing people do, which is why you want your business’s name to be the last thing on their minds!

Quick and Simple

If your checkout process is complicated or busy, you will struggle to convert customers. Take the clunkiness and distractions away and keep the process clear, quick and simple. Do this by asking for essential information, making errors easier to fix, giving them the ability to add items, and by offering them complimentary products to purchase along the way. Your checkout process shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

Clear 'Call to Action’

Don’t leave people guessing about what to do next. Make your purchasing steps crystal clear to help them get to the next step of the purchasing process with ease. A specific 'call to action' can help you reduce abandoned cart rates and convert more customers

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