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5 Ways To Improve Your Online Ticketing Process

5 Ways To Improve Your Online Ticketing Process

Almost 70% of shoppers abandon their carts.

Let that sink in. 70% of your guests fill their shopping baskets with the things they want, get to the counter, drop the basket, and walk out without completing their purchase. Why? Mainly because of poor or broken online checkout processes. 

Here is why your online checkout process is critical. It’s where window shoppers become paying guests, and where guests hand over their hard-earned cash. It’s easy to slap on a widget and say you accept multiple payment methods. But, if you’re serious about converting more guests and increasing basket sizes, you must take control of the checkout process and work with a partner that suits your needs.

Here are five online checkout tips to get you to convert more guests today.

1. Ensure your checkout is mobile-optimized

Did you know mobile e-commerce sales reached $2.2 trillion in 2023, comprising 60 percent of all e-commerce sales worldwide? 

Think about how you use your phone. When someone recommends a venue to visit, how do you usually first look it up? Do you find your computer/ laptop in your house, start it up, search for the venue, or just pull out your phone? The answer for most is that they use their phones first because it is most convenient. So, continuing this scenario, you’ve looked up a potential venue, which seems like a great place to visit on the weekend. If you want to book and buy tickets via mobile, would you be deterred if the payment process was clunky, confusing, and unsatisfactory? That’s why you must ensure your venue's online booking and ticketing process is seamless and mobile-optimized. 

If this experience is subpar, you will lose business. You lose a sale whenever someone lands on your mobile site to research or buy tickets and leaves without purchasing. So, ensure your purchasing system works well with mobile, and you will see your sales get a boost.

ROLLER’s modern, powerful, and intuitive booking system

ROLLER is your all-in-one venue management platform tailored for the modern-day attractions venue. We aim to simplify the guest experience at every point of contact. ROLLER assists operators in saving time, increasing revenue, and ensuring exceptional guest satisfaction.

With ROLLER's online checkout, selling tickets online and via mobile has never been easier. Your venue can effortlessly sell tickets online and via mobile, just as if you were doing it in person.

Moreover, ROLLER's state-of-the-art checkout enhancement, Progressive Checkouts, incorporates contemporary, easy-to-use features, including live sidebar cart totals designed to boost conversion rates and offer delightful user interactions. Our contextual add-on choices and captivating visuals will enchant your guests, motivating them to spend more at your venue leading to higher conversion rates and per-guest spending.

2. Keep your branding consistent

You want your brand to be recognized to increase awareness and trust. So you must keep colors, fonts, and design consistent across your website and checkout page. Certain online payment providers deliver the front-end ready-made for you, but you give up control over the look and feel of your checkout page. You must keep your brand 'top-of-mind' in the purchasing process to build trust with your guests.

With ROLLER, you have complete control over how your website and checkout appear to your guests. You can customize your colors, fonts, and layout and ensure your logo and branding are consistent wherever your guests look. Find out more here.

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3. Use embedded payment processing systems

Website traffic is one of the most critical metrics in the digital world. Why work so hard to get guests to your website only to force them off it to make a purchase? Herein lies one of the main disadvantages of using 3rd party payment processing services that redirect people away from your website. 

When you do this, you also lose control of the design of the checkout page, as it looks foreign to your website and makes your guests feel like they're giving their money to another business and not yours. It creates a feeling of separation from your company, which is not what you want your guests to feel, especially when making a payment. 

You want your business’s name to be on your guests' minds for the entire process and for them to feel secure when making payments.

ROLLER Payments: the payments processor built for attractions

The ROLLER platform seamlessly integrates with our native payment processing solution, ROLLER Payments, simplifying the sale of your products and experiences online, via mobile, and in person.

ROLLER Payments is a robust, feature-rich payment processor with a 94.5% authorization rate. Additionally, ROLLER Payments supports 38 payment methods, including digital wallets and Buy Now, Pay Later alternatives. Providing a wide array of payment options ensures guests can always pay using their preferred method, increasing conversions and reducing cart abandonment. 

Furthermore, ROLLER Payments offers the convenience of integrated refunds and comprehensive fraud protection measures, enhancing your guests' confidence when making purchases with your business.

4. Make the payment process quick and simple

To maximize guest conversion rates, simplify and streamline your checkout process. Start by minimizing distractions and complexities, keeping the transaction straightforward and quick. 

Request only essential information, and make it easy for guests to correct errors and add items to their purchases. Additionally, offering enticing add-on products can boost sales and enhance the guest experience.

The key to a successful checkout process is efficiency. Aim to complete the entire transaction in under 30 seconds, as extended processes can deter potential guests. A fast, hassle-free checkout increases conversion rates and leaves a positive impression on guests, potentially leading to repeat business and greater guest satisfaction.

5. Have a clear “call to action”

Never leave your guests in a state of uncertainty regarding their next steps. Make the purchasing process crystal clear, guiding them seamlessly through each step. Incorporate a well-defined "call to action" (CTA) to not only reduce the rates of cart abandonment but also to enhance the conversion of potential guests.

By providing a clear and compelling directive, you can effectively steer your guests toward the next phase of the purchasing journey. For example, if your guests are purchasing tickets to your venue, a CTA on a button below the sidebar view of a guest's cart that says something like “Purchase tickets and join in the fun!” feels exciting and entices the guest to follow through.

However, no CTA or an uninspired button that reads “Next” is unenticing and unclear. The key is to think about what would excite you to move onto the payments stage and emulate that for your venue's online experience. 

Contact us to learn how ROLLER can help you improve your online ticketing system and convert more guests today. You can also check out these resources for more information: