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The Top 4 Reasons Your Venue Needs Online Checkouts


As an owner or manager of a leisure business, finding ways to increase sales and attract customers is vital.

As we head towards an ever prevalent digital environment, taking advantage of dedicated software solutions is a good way to get ahead of competitors.

A simple yet highly effective solution for your venue is online checkouts, which let you control the products and services you offer customers. With online checkouts, you can present offers which are more relevant to your customer’s needs. This adds more value to their experience and gives you a greater chance of increasing sales while keeping costs low.

In this blog, we discuss four ways online checkouts can help your venue thrive.

1. You can create multiple online checkouts

Physical checkouts limit your ability to cater to your customers’ specific needs. You will typically only be able to offer all of your customers your entire range of products and/or services, which means you’re exposing them to a potentially overwhelming amount of information.

Multiple online checkouts allow you to create a more customer-friendly experience and add value to your interactions with them. You may want to create a unique online checkout for special events and campaigns; new products; promotions or services.

Having multiple online checkouts reduces clutter and increases your conversion rates because your customers are presented with only what’s relevant to them and the campaign you’re running.

If you’re holding a one-off event, for example, you’re able to create an online checkout that only offers products sold at that event. The result is you can guide people towards buying products you want them to buy.

2. Create a unique look for each online checkout

Not only can you have multiple online checkouts, but you can also add imagery and content specific to the promotion or campaign you are promoting.

Branding each online checkout in a unique way will add value to the products and services on offer. Your checkouts will also be more engaging by customizing them to suit one-off events and seasonal campaigns. In the checkout, you can also list specific instructions and discount codes.

You can customize the font, background colors, button color, branding, styling, primary button, links, anchor tags, body, text and session durations to really focus on presenting a strong and relevant offer to your customer.

3. Maximize sales opportunities at checkout

You can increase the value of your sale by offering add-ons when your customer makes a purchase. Add-ons are simply additional products and/or services that are relevant to what your customer is already purchasing.

Let’s say a customer makes an online booking for bowling. At the point of purchase, you could offer the option to hire bowling shoes as well. Because the customer is already active and invested in your offering, you will have a greater chance of increasing the value of a sale. Add-ons such as these are great because you’re able to easily show a customer what else they need to improve their experience.

4. Speed up your customer’s check-in experience

When the customer purchases a ticket online, the customer can also be prompted to sign a waiver before arriving at your attraction. This is an effective way of reducing costs while providing a more pleasant customer experience. The ease and convenience of being able to check-in at the point of ticket purchase can be simpler than doing it all manually at the leisure venue. By eliminating many of the logistical tasks before the customer gets to your venue, you can provide a simple ‘scan and enter’ process and let the customer start having fun.

It will be extremely quick to check the guest in if they have purchased their tickets via your online checkout and completed the waiver before they arrive at your venue. This leads to less congestion at reception, too!

By using online checkouts, your leisure venue can increase sales, become more efficient and you can make it easier to achieve your unique business objectives.

ROLLER offers unique online checkout software that is easy to use and provides an effective point of difference to your competitors. Our quick to setup and easy to use software can be integrated into your current technology to increase customer satisfaction, improve sales and reduce overall costs.

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