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ROLLER makes FEC management easy with integration to Intercard

Family entertainment centers (FECs) face a host of challenges in sales, marketing, venue management, and the services of guests across a complex environment.

More often than not, FECs find themselves using multiple systems to manage different tasks across various attraction types such as arcades, trampolines, laser-tag, and virtual reality, and in-venue purchases such as food and beverage or merchandise. This juggling of systems results in a significant burden on management and increases staff training costs, limits their ability to sell experiences online, and delivers a poor guest experience.

To make the management of family entertainment centers easy, ROLLER has developed an integration with Intercard - a leading provider of cashless technology.

This integration allows venues to offer cashless payment of attractions, utilizing a single platform to manage the entire guest experience from purchasing online to check-in, in-venue purchase, guest service and feedback, and post-purchase marketing.

From a single point-of-sale device, venues can complete the purchases of cash, time, or bonus cash and assign them to cashless RFID cards, check card balances, and top-up cards with additional value.

This makes in-venue management easy, but it also provides venues with the ability to sell game cards online, helping them increase their sales and create group booking experiences.

Finally, all transactional data is stored against a guest record, giving operators a single point to view their entire guest experience, making customer service, accounting, reporting, and marketing significantly easier.