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Pigeons Roller Rink enhances the booking experience with ROLLER

Pigeon’s operate both a roller skate shop and roller skating rink in Long Beach, CA. After running a successful skate shop for a number of years, Pigeon’s saw an uptick in people taking up roller skating as a new hobby during the COVID-19 pandemic. This encouraged them to open a pop-up skating rink at a nearby location to provide a fun, safe, and educational place for people of all ages and skill levels to roller skate. It's been a passionate endeavor, and with a little help from ROLLER, something that’s turned out to be a raging success, providing resources to the roller-skating community and beyond.

Flexibility is key

Pigeon’s roller rink offers public skate sessions, themed events, private rentals, educational classes, fitness, and more. Guests can select based on the time of day they’d like to visit, including morning, brunch, afternoon, and sunset, as well as a frequent skater pass that allows them to skate during five or six open skate sessions, depending on the package they choose.

Guests can also take choreography classes by dropping into a single class or purchasing a bundle of six sessions, along with artistic skating and roller dance.

With so many options to choose from, Pigeon’s knew they needed flexibility and the ability to present each product intuitively not to overwhelm prospective guests who, are considering visiting.

Simple online booking

Having originated as a skate shop, Pigeon’s e-commerce was powered by Shopify. When it came time to find a software partner for the rink, they knew they needed something that would enable guests to book skating sessions, not just sell them skates. When speaking with multiple software providers and other skating rink operators, they quickly realized that there were not many point-of-sale solutions built for skating rinks.

Nashat Cabral, Pigeon’s Technical Business Analyst shared his experience, “We spoke to a lot of software providers, and many of them tried to get us to use software that wasn’t suited to our business,”.

Nashat noted that many of their industry colleagues were using software suited toward fitness centers, whose standard clientele is selling gym memberships and booking pilates classes. Instead, Nashat indicated that they were looking for something built specifically for leisure venues, like a trampoline park or escape room. Pigeon’s needed a solution that would allow guests to book sessions in advance, at specific times, and have their waivers completed and tied to their reservation, all before they walked in the door.

Functionality, along with the ease of use, made ROLLER the standout choice. “ROLLER’s ability to book sessions and manage waivers was perfect for us and the whole process for a guest to book, sign a waiver, and check-in is seamless” - said Nashat.

Since working with ROLLER, the team at Pigeon’s has been please with how well bookings are organized, how simple it is to manage waivers, and how little is required of their guests, Nashat noting, “the way we can manage schedules dynamically for all our different products is great. The layout is very intuitive and the platform is robust – ROLLER really takes the busy work out of it all.”

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