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Online payments updates


Enhanced online payment performance, security & reliability

ROLLER's underlying online payments technology has been rebuilt to improve performance, security and reliability of payments processed by our Online Checkout, Venue Manager and Invoice Widget applications.


As ROLLER has grown and expanded into new markets and many more payment gateways have been added to the platform. With over 10 supported gateways, each gateway has some unique  aspects, particularly with respect to fraud prevention.

Additionally to support hosted payment pages and two factor payment authentication such as 3DS, we recently implemented changes to the flow of the online checkout. This process change results in the creation of a draft booking prior to collection of payment which has introduced some challenges for venues.

We plan on adding to our list of integrated online gateways in 2020 and in order to ensure that we can scale these integrations in a performant, secure and reliable way, we've undertaken this refactor of the underlying online payment technology.