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15 Must-Listen Podcasts for Attraction Operators

15 Must-Listen Podcasts for Attraction Operators

As an attraction operator, staying informed and inspired is key to growing your business and delivering amazing guest experiences. Podcasts have become a popular medium for industry professionals to share insights, tips, and stories. (Bonus: you can optimize your time by listening to podcasts while driving to your venue, cleaning up at the end of the day, or while exercising!)

In this roundup, we've compiled a list of the top podcasts that every attraction operator should tune into. From guest experience strategies to business growth tips, these podcasts cover many topics to help you thrive in the leisure and attraction industry.

1. The Guest Experience Show by ROLLER
Tune in to ROLLER's own podcast dedicated to exploring the world of guest experiences. Learn from industry experts, hear success stories, and discover innovative strategies to grow revenue, save time and keep guests coming back for more.

2. Skip the Queue
Hosted by amusement industry veteran Jim Kroupa, Skip the Queue brings you interviews with industry leaders and experts. Gain valuable insights into attracting, retaining, and delighting guests.

3. Tourpreneur
For tour and activity operators, Tourpreneur is a treasure trove of interviews with successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Discover marketing tips, operational advice, and inspiring stories from fellow operators.

4. The Attractions Group Podcast
This podcast delves into all aspects of the attractions industry. From theme parks to zoos, water parks to museums, The Attractions Group Podcast provides practical tips and trends to keep you ahead.

5. Themed Attraction Podcast
Explore the world of themed attractions with this podcast. From concept design to immersive experiences, you'll gain insights into the art and science of creating memorable attractions.

6. Green Tagged: Theme Park in 30
Join industry professionals as they discuss theme park news, ride reviews, and insider tips. Get your weekly dose of theme park updates in just 30 minutes.

7. Creating Disney Magic
Hosted by former Disney executive Lee Cockerell, this podcast reveals the leadership and management principles behind the magic of Disney. Apply these strategies to your attraction for exceptional guest experiences.

8. How I Built This
Although not specific to the attractions industry, this podcast showcases inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs. Learn from the journeys of renowned business leaders to fuel your own growth.

9. Masters of Scale
Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, hosts this podcast that dives into the journeys of renowned entrepreneurs. Discover the principles that drive successful scaling and apply them to your attraction.

10. Amazing Business Radio
Learn how to deliver amazing customer service and elevate your attraction with expert Shep Hyken. Gain practical tips to create exceptional guest experiences that keep them coming back.

11. Business Made Simple
This podcast offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders. From marketing and leadership to productivity and communication, each episode provides actionable takeaways you can use to delight your guests.

12. The Intuitive Customer
Discover the power of customer intuition and learn how to anticipate and meet your guests' needs. This podcast offers practical strategies for creating customer-centric attractions.

13. Experience This!
Though the show has ended, Experience This! features past episodes filled with remarkable customer experience stories and insights. Delve into the archives to learn from these examples.

Focused on the family entertainment center (FEC) industry, this podcast covers topics ranging from operations and marketing to industry trends. Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in FECs.

15. AttractionsPros
AttractionPros brings you into the room with the top leaders and influencers in the attractions world to gain a wide perspective of all areas of the industry and learn from the best of the best.

Podcasts are a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for attraction operators. Whether you want to enhance the guest experience, improve your leadership skills, or gain marketing insights, these top podcasts will equip you with the tools to succeed in the leisure and attraction industry. 

Tune in, learn, and apply these valuable lessons to create joyful and unforgettable guest experiences. Happy listening!