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How Your Venue can Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

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Increasing sales and reducing costs are ongoing challenges for leisure venues and attraction managers.

As we increasingly move into a digital landscape, finding ways to maximize profits requires creativity. In this blog, we discuss four ways you can increase sales and reduce costs in your leisure venue.

Increase revenue through digital gift cards

Digital gift cards are an easy and convenient way to give a gift. With digital gift cards, you can boost your sales, increase brand awareness and build your customer database for future marketing campaigns. In fact, studies suggest people who shop using digital digital gift cards often spend above the value of the gift card, resulting in more sales for your venue.

For the consumer, the benefits are simple to see: digital gift cards are easier to buy, easier to give and are easier to keep track of.

Digital gift cards expose your brand to potential new customers and allow you to collect information on purchase behavior, gather funds before fulfilment and use data to help you produce future promotions.


Increase sales through online stores

Having multiple online stores makes it easy to offer products and/or services to specific customers. They are particularly handy if you want to entice customers with a select range of offerings as opposed to presenting them with every item you sell. The benefits here are you can improve the customer’s experience and create a more personal transaction.

A good example of how multiple stores can increase sales is if you’re running a promotion at Christmas, you can send customers to a dedicated online store that only offers Christmas-related products and services.

Having multiple online stores reduces clutter and allows you to promote your products and services more effectively. This results in higher conversion rates and an increase in sales because the customer is presented with only the goods and services that are relevant to your campaign and to them.

Reduce costs through the ease of check-in experience

Having a stronger digital presence is an effective way of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. If your venue requires its customers to sign a waiver, you can simplify this process by having customers sign a digital waiver when they purchase a ticket online.

Your venue’s labor costs are reduced as you don’t need to have a staff member go through the process of explaining the waiver, ask the customer to sign the waiver and collate all the waivers after they have entered your venue. You also save on waiver storage costs because everything is in the cloud.

Online check-in is also an effective way of reducing costs while providing a more pleasant customer experience. By eliminating many of the logistical tasks before the customer gets to your venue, you can provide a simple ‘scan and enter’ process and let the customer start having fun.

Increase sales through add-ons

Add-ons are a simple way to increase the value of a sale by including products and/or services that are relevant to what is being purchased. Let’s say a customer makes an online booking for bowling. During the purchase process, you could offer the option to hire bowling shoes or socks as well. Because the customer is already active and invested in your offering, you will have a greater chance of increasing the value of a sale. Add-ons are great because you’re able to easily show a customer what else they need to improve their experience.

By using these tactics, you can increase sales, reduce costs and delight customers at your leisure venue.

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