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Four Reasons you Should Move Your Business to the Cloud


For those unfamiliar with this technology, cloud computing is a term for the delivery and hosting of services over the internet and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

While the concept of 'cloud computing' has been a buzzword in business for some years now, many business owners are still reluctant to make the move toward its adoption. A lack of understanding and a fear of the unknown is generally at the heart of this reluctance.

To demystify the concept, we have listed our top four reasons why your business should move to the cloud.

Focus on what you are good at

You went into business because of your expertise and passion for your chosen industry. You didn't go into business to become an IT specialist. However, this is the way many business owners spend their time - installing software, upgrading servers or calling in the IT experts when it all gets too hard. Cloud computing removes this pain, as the software and data is hosted now in the cloud. Great examples of hosted solutions include Gmail and Spotify. You don't need to install anything, and there is no data saved to your local hard disc. Many business applications are now also hosted, allowing business owners to focus on their business and not their IT setup. 

Reduce your costs

When utilizing the cloud, businesses can focus on core capabilities rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in house, such as server maintenance, power and cooling, physical storage, etc. The removal of capital expenditure at the onset of businesses helps alleviate initial set up cash flow issues. 

Work anywhere

The traditional format of office based work is slowly becoming redundant. Flexible working conditions and shared work spaces are increasing in popularity such as platforms like ‘wework.’ This ability to work anywhere and on any device means that your team can also be completely mobile. You are no longer tied to a specific computer or a particular location. You can now work on your Mac from home, your laptop at work or even a mobile phone when you are on the road. Collaboration between staff members has always been vital to the success of any business, and cloud computing is making it that much easier. Thanks to mobile technology, staff can react in real time, increase flexibility and communication with colleagues and clients while on the move. 

Keep your data safe

When was the last time you tested your computer back-up? What would happen if you couldn't access your critical systems for a day or a week or more? Most businesses would completely grind to a halt. With cloud computing, your data is securely hosted off site and automatically backed up for you. If you have a fire or flood or leave your laptop on the train, your data is never impacted, just log on to another machine and keep working.

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