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How Flying Squirrel Saves Time & Resources By Collecting Feedback

Flying Squirrel is a family-owned and operated group of trampoline and adventure parks.  With a collection of venues throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America, Flying Squirrel strives to create a consistent and superior experience across all locations. From day one, owners Luke and Cody Schueler committed to offering a unique experience, which has only magnified as they expanded the business.

Flying Squirrel has utilized ROLLER's trampoline park pos software and booking due to its ability to serve the needs of their attractions business with powerful, easy-to-use features.  On Flying Squirrel’s website, guests can book timeslots in advance of their visit and book parties or purchase gift cards.  Based on Luke and Cody Schueler’s commitment to delivering great guest experiences, Flying Squirrel was quick to implement the Guest Experience Score when it was initially released.  

The Guest Experience Score is linked directly to ROLLER’s booking platform, so there are no piecemealing data sets together that are otherwise unrelated. That’s just one of the many ways it differs from standard guest surveys. With the Guest Experience Score, surveys are sent to guests automatically. Because their booking information is already known, the guest does not need to input essential details such as their name, date of booking, and contact information.  “The key is to connect the guest to the experience,” said Luke Scheuler.  “Third-party software simply can’t accomplish this efficiently without a lot of manual work.”

With more than a dozen locations across five countries, getting usable data through surveys needs to be a robust, seamless, intuitive, and hassle-free endeavor for the Flying Squirrel team.  Not only does using the Guest Experience Score cut down on admin time but also allows leadership to take quick action, making operational adjustments within the business, looking further into priority issues, or following up with guests to learn more about their visits recovering from service failures.

Luke says, “When a feature like this is incorporated into the POS platform, it becomes the ultimate all-in-one platform.”  You no longer need to look for multiple solutions and connect them all in a fragmented tech stack.  “It automates the process instead of piecing together third-party software platforms.”

To begin using the Guest Experience Score for free, click here.