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11 FEC Attractions to Bring in More Visitors

11 FEC Attractions to Bring in More Visitors

Managing a thriving Family Entertainment Center (FEC) requires a strategic blend of marquee attractions and complementary experiences. In this comprehensive article, we explore 11 easy-to-install attractions designed to help you appeal to a larger demographic while invigorating your FEC to keep guests coming back time and time again.

1. Nerf Wars: Unleash family-friendly adventure

Nerf Wars, a modern twist on a classic, caters to millennial parents seeking nostalgia and families looking for safe and engaging alternatives. Easy to set up, these rooms offer versatile themes, from child-friendly to neon-lit atmospheres. Ideal for ages six and up, Nerf Wars combines excitement with accessibility.

  • Target market: Families with children and millennials seeking nostalgic experiences.
  • Growth potential: Appeals to a broad age group, fostering repeat visits and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Operational considerations: Regular equipment maintenance and occasional theme updates for variety.

2. Craft corner: Crafting memories for all ages

Transform your FEC into a haven for creativity with a Craft Corner. This attraction caters to those with an artistic flair, featuring self-service stations offering sand art, spin art, candle making, and jewelry crafting alongside manned kiosks with cartoonists and caricaturists.

  • Target market: Families, art enthusiasts, and creative individuals.
  • Growth potential: Attracts repeat visitors, potential for themed crafting events.
  • Operational considerations: Regular restocking of crafting supplies, and periodic rotation of featured artists.

3. Photo pod: Timeless memories in a modern frame

Despite ubiquitous smartphone cameras, the charm of a classic photo booth endures. Enhance your FEC's photo experience with a versatile Photo Pod offering traditional prints and customizable accessories like keychains and mugs, providing guests with lasting mementos.

  • Target market: Families, groups of friends, event attendees.
  • Growth potential: Social media sharing boosts visibility and potential for souvenir sales.
  • Operational considerations: Regular maintenance of photo printing equipment, and seasonal theme updates.

John Wikstrom, founder of Magic Memories states, "The ‘I was here, with these people I love’ has never been so in vogue thanks to our ever-present, always connected mobile phones.”

Creating content experiences that are fun, engage all your guests, and are offered as a core part of your brand promise is now a reality.

  • Imagine a movie trailer exclusively made for your FEC, where every guest gets to play a starring role
  • Imagine all guests engaging in these content experiences, with the final product output created automatically in the cloud and sent directly to guests’ mobile phones

Wikstrom explains, “FEC's can now use innovative content experiences to add value to their core offer, improve and grow their social media reach, and create new revenue streams.”

4. Sports simulator: An all-inclusive athletic adventure

Sports simulators appeal to guests of all ages and athletic abilities, offering a flexible and space-efficient alternative to traditional sports activities. Sports simulators provide a versatile entertainment solution, featuring popular sports like golf, tennis, baseball, and car racing alongside trendy options like pickleball.

  • Target market: Sports enthusiasts, families, and individuals seeking active experiences.
  • Growth potential: Appeals to a wide demographic, potential for hosting sports events.
  • Operational considerations: Regular software updates and occasional introduction of new sports simulations.

5. Axe throwing: From nightlife trend to family fun

Capitalizing on the popularity of axe throwing in nightlife scenes, this attraction can be adapted for family-friendly fun. With low overhead costs and customizable themes, axe-throwing promises profits and buzz, making it an exciting addition to your FEC.

  • Target market: Families, young adults, team-building groups.
  • Growth potential: Social media buzz, the potential for hosting axe-throwing competitions.
  • Operational considerations: Safety protocols and occasional theme updates.

6. VR arcade: Immersive adventures in a virtual realm

Elevate your arcade space with a high-tech VR setup, providing an immersive experience that can be monetized through competitions and sponsored events. Investing in the latest VR technology ensures your FEC stays at the forefront of entertainment trends.

  • Target market: Tech enthusiasts, gamers, and families seeking cutting-edge experiences.
  • Growth potential: Potential for hosting VR tournaments and partnerships with gaming companies.
  • Operational considerations: Regular equipment maintenance and staying updated with the latest VR releases.

7. Karaoke booth: Unleashing the pop star within

Tap into the nightlife favorite of karaoke, integrating it into your FEC to capture the trend of TikTok-inspired performances. Enhance the experience with digital backgrounds, encouraging personalization and social media sharing while fostering group performances with a dynamic stage setup.

  • Target market: Families, teenagers, groups celebrating special occasions.
  • Growth potential: Potential for hosting karaoke competitions, social media marketing.
  • Operational considerations: Regular equipment maintenance, periodic theme updates.

8. Escape room: Family bonding through puzzles

Transform team building into family bonding with an FEC escape room. Affordable to set up and maintain, consider tailoring the theme to cater specifically to kids, offering a unique experience for families within the escape room genre.

  • Target market: Families, groups celebrating special occasions, team-building events.
  • Growth potential: Potential for seasonal themes, collaboration with local puzzle designers.
  • Operational considerations: Regular inspection of puzzles, occasional theme updates.

9. Obstacle course: Navigating adventure for all ages

Modernize the fitness experience for families by incorporating obstacle courses inspired by the ninja craze or nostalgic Nickelodeon's GUTS. Design courses to accommodate various skill levels and space availability, offering a dynamic and engaging physical activity for your FEC visitors.

  • Target market: Families, fitness enthusiasts, children's parties.
  • Growth potential: Potential for hosting obstacle course competitions, seasonal theme updates.
  • Operational considerations: Regular safety checks, staff training for overseeing the courses.

10. Indoor playground: A haven for young explorers

Position your FEC as a family destination by including an indoor playground, especially effective for a general admission ticketing model. This simple yet impactful attraction appeals to parents, providing an entertainment option for younger children and potentially influencing their decision to visit.

  • Target market: Families with young children, birthday parties.
  • Growth potential: Integration with birthday party packages, seasonal theme updates.
  • Operational considerations: Regular sanitation, occasional equipment upgrades.

11. Rage room: Controlled mayhem for stress relief

Stay on-trend with a Rage Room, an attraction designed for stress relief and excitement. Featuring themed rooms filled with smashable items, this experience appeals to adolescents and adults, offering a controlled environment for releasing tension and indulging in controlled mayhem.

  • Target market: Adolescents, adults seeking stress relief, group outings.
  • Growth potential: Collaboration with local artists for themed rooms, potential for sponsored events.
  • Operational considerations: Safety protocols, regular replacement of smashable items.

By strategically incorporating these easy-to-install attractions, you're not just enhancing your FEC; you're crafting an experience that resonates with a more diverse audience across multiple age groups. Understanding the target market, growth potential, and operational considerations for each attraction ensures a seamless blend of entertainment and profitability for your FEC!