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Take your analytics to the next level with the ROLLER API

As leisure and entertainment venues continue to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, significant changes are occurring in the way consumers attend, spend and interact with these attractions. In order to allow venues to better understand the way their guests are behaving, ROLLER is opening up access to our Data API via the ROLLER Development Center.

The Data API makes available in-depth data covering bookings, transactions, guest attendance, revenues and more. This data can be extracted and interfaced with tools such as Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI in order to provide powerful analytics that can assist you in making better and more data driven decisions in this time of uncertainty.

In this blog we look at four key ways the ROLLER Data API can help take your analytics to the next level;

  1. Guest Behaviour

With the Data API you can access all your guests, bookings, revenues and attendance source data in real-time. By linking this data together, you can perform in depth analysis on key performance indicators (such as guest spend, repeat visitation and loyalty) and track trends over time.

  1. Financial Analysis

Although the in-built ROLLER Reporting Suite provides core financial and accounting reporting capabilities, having access to the underlying data via the API allows you to expand upon these tools in ways that are customised to your business’s unique needs.

All revenue metrics such as deferred revenue, funds received, recognized revenue, tax payable and more are available, and this granular level of data allows you to break these metrics down by what products were sold, when and where they were sold, and how these impacted your operating performance.

  1. Membership Analysis

ROLLER’s Membership feature allows you to sell memberships on either a fixed cost or recurring billing model. The ROLLER Data API provides data on when and how often each member visited, the velocity and timing of recurring billing charges, the discounts members have received on the purchase of other items and more.

This level of analysis will allow you to accurately set membership pricing and benefits to achieve the right balance that maximizes revenue and membership retention.

  1. Internal Business Analysis

The Data API allows you to extract details of your product list, staff members, discounts, waiver information and more. While this data can already be leveraged with reporting in ROLLER, having access to this core data can allow for more in depth analysis on staff actions and behaviour, and things such as discount or promotional offerings.

If you’re a ROLLER client and interested in learning how you can use the ROLLER Data API please Contact Support.

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