Behind the Scenes with Minh Ton Nu, Junior UX Designer

As a global leading software company, ROLLER focuses on creating a powerful solution that drives revenue, increases guest spending, and enhances experiences in the leisure and recreation industry. But ROLLER’s greatest strength is the people behind it.  

According to the recently released Jobs Opportunity Report by the Tech Council of Australia, the tech industry generates $167 billion per year in output and employs 861,000 Australians. That’s a lot of revenue and a lot of people employed! At the end of 2021, ROLLER employed more than 70 team members, mostly in Australia, with a growth plan that includes continuing to expand at an even more rapid pace. ROLLER is on track to boost these numbers even further!

One of the most common tech jobs is that of a user experience designer. But what do they do exactly? A lot. In short, they make sure products work for real people in the real world. According to the Tech Council of Australia, “they research user needs using a variety of methods from observing them in place, undertaking surveys and interviews, holding workshops and analysing data. They then work with a team to make a product or service usable, enjoyable, and accessible.” But don’t take our word for it, hear from our own Junior UX Designer, Minh Ton Nu about her journey to ROLLER. 


How did you find yourself in Australia? What prompted you to move? 

I grew up in South Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City. I came to Australia in July 2019 to study User Experience Design at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Ever since I was young I loved to draw and be creative. I’ve learnt how bringing something to life creatively with use of technology can enhance the user experience. 


What opportunities have you found either at work or outside of work to further your professional development? 

Since joining ROLLER, I have felt very supported by the design team, project managers and developers. Working in-house as a UX Designer and working daily with this team, they are helping me grow everyday.

At one point I was considering completing my post-grad for design, but then I joined ROLLER and I have learnt so much. I may still do my post-grad at a later point in time, but for the time being I’m confident that in the next few years I’ll continue to learn a lot more on the job.


How would you describe the culture at ROLLER?

ROLLER has a fun and casual culture. Everyone is supportive of each other. We have flexibility to work from home, but I enjoy going into the office a few days a week, we chat, play table tennis, go for lunches together and have a laugh.

Minh is just one of the many #facesoftech at ROLLER that helps keep our business – and that of our customers’ running smoothly. And here’s a statistic you may not have been aware of – nearly half of women in the tech sector migrated to Australia in the two years before joining the industry. For that reason, it’s critical to continue to attract high-skilled and specialised talent through a variety of skilled worker programs.

And as technology career opportunities grow so does economic activity across Australia in cities, suburbs, and regions. ROLLER is proud to support the Tech Council of Australia’s engagement with Australian governments, businesses, and the wider community to help support the ongoing creation, development, and adoption of technology across industries. 


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