Behind the Scenes with Becky Gavranich, Iteration Manager

In Australia’s tech sector, the number of jobs has grown by 66% since 2005, outpacing the national average increase of 35%.  In the pandemic alone, the tech sector generated 65,000 new jobs, demonstrating that the need for technological improvements has accelerated significantly since 2020.

Because the demand for high-quality talent is so competitive, the need to build a strong company culture cannot be understated. ROLLER is proud to maintain a strong focus on people and culture which includes meeting the unique needs of each individual on the team.  Take a look at what Becky Gavranich, Iteration Manager for ROLLER, has to say.


What attracted you to ROLLER?

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to Melbourne in 2013. My background was working in advertising agencies. I was excited when the opportunity with ROLLER came up - I love working in-house on an evolving product, collaborating cross-functionally to get new releases delivered.


As a parent, how would you describe your work-life balance?

I’ve worked at ROLLER since December 2018 and I’m about to take my second round of maternity leave.  ROLLER has provided great flexibility to work part-time, from home and schedule meetings around daycare pick up and drop off.


ROLLER  enables their people to work from anywhere, and so they do. There are employees in rural country towns, people dialing into meetings from beside their pool, from their cars and one employee is even on their houseboat floating off the coast of far north Queensland. Employees have the ability to work from the Melbourne office, from home, or even at coworking locations such as WeWork.  Some employees have taken the opportunity to travel, interstate and internationally, whilst efficiently managing their responsibilities.

With a generous parental leave policy, ROLLER aims to combat a shortage of women working in the tech sector in Australia, compared to half in non-tech industries.  Becky is one of ROLLER’s #facesoftech that helps our business run smoothly - as well as those of our clients.

Additionally, the technology industry is particularly looking for women who are interested in reassessing their career and work opportunities after a large number of job layoffs during the initial phases of the pandemic.

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