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AirHop Selects ROLLER to Deliver on Guest Experience Vision


With five parks across the UK and Germany, AirHop is one of the leading brands in the trampoline park industry in Europe.

The group has a range of facilities including first-class jump areas, dodgeball courts, foam pits, obstacle courses and augmented reality (AR) trampolines. AirHop aims to deliver a market-leading guest experience in a fast-growing and increasingly diverse customer base.

During their initial stages of getting set up, AirHop was looking for off-the-shelf software to meet its online booking and e-commerce needs. They tried a solution that was being used by a handful of beauty centers and day spas for their UK and German venues. While it did provide AirHop with the ability to get started, its parks outgrew the legacy system, which did not cater to the unique operating needs and guest experience vision of a modern trampoline park.

Knowing how important their software provider was in delivering their guest experience vision, they selected ROLLER for their UK venues and another solution for their German venues.  

Soon thereafter, other factors become more pressing for them; 

  • The need to simply update their online product offering (ie. parties, core sessions) in a fast and effective way;
  • The growing online purchasing trend within its customer base and the need to maximize their conversions from digital channels;
  • Increased competition from other business which had opened around them. 

These pressures further built the business case for them to use the most effective and modern solution on the market across all their venues. Hence, they went through a process to select a strategic partner that would deliver their guest experience vision.

We spoke to Tim McClure, Group Financial Controller, to discuss the company’s journey in modernizing its booking and venue management software and why it ended up implementing ROLLER across every venue.

Delivering a market-leading Guest Experience

AirHop explored several software solutions to help them deliver their guest experience vision.

After implementing a different solution in their German venues, they discovered there were performance differences between their UK venues on several key fronts, both in the online experience/conversion and onsite guest check-in experience. These differences ultimately drove their decision to migrate their three German venues to ROLLER as they wanted all their venues performing at the highest level and offering the same market-leading guest experience.

“ROLLER has definitely helped us with the operations of the park and helps us deliver a great customer experience. Customers can easily purchase tickets online and check-in fast when they arrive. Reducing/removing friction points such as queue times for the customer is very important for us. ROLLER does the best job at that when compared to other systems we have used. It allows our customers to spend more time doing what they love - jumping!”

The online booking process through ROLLER is an efficient and clean process where the customer journey is as simple as possible. AirHop knew the performance of this channel directly impacts not only their bottom-line but it is a major friction risk point for their customers. If the customer has a poor digital experience, AirHop knew they are far less likely to be able to deliver the level of guest experience they wanted.

“A key feature of ROLLER was the effectiveness of its online checkout. As over 50% of our sales are online at some of our venues, having a system that delivers the highest conversions was very important to us. We also wanted to deliver a simple and modern experience that aligns to our branding. This is very important because it is one of the first and most critical touchpoints we have with our customers.”

Out-of-the-box offering makes for an easy implementation

Many software implementation projects come with a large amount of risk and a high cost of change before a return on investment is seen. With ROLLER, implementation was far easier than expected and the gains via an improved guest experience were visible from the start.

“ROLLER could do what we needed out of the box. It meant we could deliver on our vision to the market without having to compromise or wait for the software to catch up. As ROLLER is the market leader in providing software for the trampoline sector, it enables us to greatly benefit from that focus.”

AirHop was able to see the enhancements to the guest experience early on.  Almost immediately, they noticed a reduction of queues lengths and faster customer check-ins.

"Since moving our parks across to ROLLER we have seen a significant reduction in check-in times, where customers are being able to get checked in up to 50% quicker." 

AirHop was supported during their implementation by ROLLER’s 24/7 Customer Success team who have delivered software solutions for over 200 venues. ROLLER's team of experienced specialists can both consult on brand new openings, and facilitate a smooth migration from an older system onto our modern one.

The importance of a stable, mature and proven partner

Based on the experience AirHop’s UK venues had with ROLLER, AirHop ultimately implemented the software across all of its venues globally. ROLLER’s reputation as a trustworthy solution for hundreds of customers around the world couldn’t be ignored.

“A key reason why we moved to ROLLER was that it is a mature and stable software partner. They also have a great support offering, which is often undervalued when selecting a partner. We had challenges when working with other partners in the past because they were new to the market or had limited team resources at the time. Hence, we required a software partner which could serve us to the level that our business required.”

Tim shared his excitement about the future of AirHop and having ROLLER as its strategic partner.

“We love how they’re continually evolving the product with great new features added every couple of months. Having ROLLER on board across all venues means we can grow knowing we are working with a robust and reliable system.” 
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