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5 Tips to Improve Your Web Presence


In today’s age of drones and double taps, treat your business’s digital presence as your own body - keep it healthy, fit and, above all, thriving. 

In the digital era, this means constantly being ready to adapt to any major change society throws your way, while still holding on to what’s integral to your business. On paper, this can be a daunting task but it certainly doesn’t have to be. While modern life moves faster than ever before, there are ways for your business to make sure it keeps up. 

1. Make it easy for your customer

For a while now, websites have been the port-of-call for any questions or purchases a consumer might make to attend a theme park. Keeping all helpful information centralized is fantastic, but if it’s not user-friendly it might not be helpful at all. Ensure that potential purchases are the main end goal behind the website, but also make sure that consumers can quickly and easily find the answer to whatever question they have - a convoluted website is about as good as no website at all. Consider a UX overhaul, reconsidering where the consumer's eye is drawn and how they can better interact with your offering in the digital realm.

2. Make sure the website is reflective of your offering

While having a website that is clear and easy to use is essential, it’s also a good idea to make sure the overall feel is relevant to your business AKA branding aesthetics. For example, with an entertainment-based business, a fun website is ideal because their online presence mirrors what the business is all about.

3. More ways to pay

Consumers, now more than ever, want things as fast as possible. In the same light, it’s refreshing for the consumer to know that a website can accommodate their preference when it comes to the payment process. Some consumers have a hesitancy to transact online, so offering a safe and secure payment method such as PayPal can give them peace of mind. More so, with services like Afterpay, customers can buy now and pay later, which is basically heaven to millennial-consumers ears, or anyone for that matter.

4. Automate wherever you can

No one enjoys the tediousness of fulfilling administrative tasks for your business’ website, but unfortunately, they have to be done. However, automating certain processes can seriously cut the amount of time and energy you spend on these not-so-fun tasks. Not only that, but if your business experiences booms in certain times of year – like theme parks in summer – automating processes, like sending emails once orders are received or sending customer details straight to accounting can prevent your website’s traffic and requests becoming overwhelming.

5. Always stay ready to change

It’s a message you’ve heard before, but one that bears repeating – you have to be ready to adapt at any moment. Staying ahead of the curve and aware of technological trends can really put you miles ahead of the competition. Furthermore, having a semi-flexible business model from the beginning can allow you to mould and morph as necessary. Let’s be honest – keeping up with technology is great, but pole position is better.

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