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5 Tips for Successful Software Implementation in Leisure Venues

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Whether you’re a new amusement or entertainment venue, or even an industry veteran, software implementation can be frustrating.

It doesn’t matter which stage your business is in – starting out or in a period of growth – it’s inevitable that at some point you will need to adopt a digital solution that can help your business thrive. The decision about which provider to use, however, can make or break your venue’s success.

No matter how amazing or cost-effective the provider looks on paper, if they don’t have a team of implementation experts to work with you on a smooth and effective roll-out, lost revenue and business inefficiencies are almost certain.

It’s crucial that your chosen provider equips your venue with the skills and knowledge necessary to build the foundation for your ongoing success.  

In this blog, we look at five best practices for ensuring a successful software implementation.

1. Define what success is

Having a clear objective about what you want to achieve is fundamental to your success. This can be applied across all aspects of your business, including software implementation. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every business defines a successful implementation as one that happens quickly, effectively and efficiently. You would probably also hope for little to no disruption to your day-to-day operations.

One plan of attack could be to implement a best-of-class software solution that makes processes more efficient. Creating a realistic timeline for key actions and establishing team buy-in with ongoing communication is crucial to achieving the success outlined.

With the right team in place, and with effective communication, achieving goals becomes far more achievable.

With a clear objective, you can identify the type of software solution your business needs to achieve success.


2. Make time to learn

A trusted software provider offering a best-of-class solution with a customer-first approach, helps you get the most out of your implementation experience. Laying the groundwork for future success requires that you take the time to absorb the knowledge your provider’s customer success team is sharing.

Yes, running a venue can be time-consuming, but if you don’t put the time aside to understand and become familiar with the software during implementation, it will have unwelcome flow-on effects down the track.

The more knowledge you gain during implementation, the faster you will adapt and the more value you will receive.

3. Create implementation ‘champions’

Make sure you include team members who are good learners and great communicators in the software implementation process. These people should be well equipped to learn how the software operates and act as internal teachers at your venue. By creating knowledgeable, accessible and enthusiastic champions, implementation will be faster and more effective.

Selecting the right people for the job will not only give you – and your venue’s other team members – a shoulder to lean on for internal support, it will also allow your venue to ‘divide and conquer’ any immediate software implementation tasks that would normally eat into your day-to-day operations.

4. Make the most of all available resources

If you have chosen a reputable software provider, you will have a customer service expert available during implementation. They can help you initially before any communications will have to go through support channels. The product knowledge that can be gained during this time is invaluable.

It’s important to always be prepared during implementation. Not completing allocated tasks or attending training sessions underprepared will result in inefficient sessions that don't maximize your ability to gain product knowledge. In fact, why not go above and beyond and explore the software yourself (outside of training) and really make the most of the software during the implementation process.

ROLLER also has a ‘knowledge base’ where venues can access a wealth of information about the software during and after implementation.

5. Get your hardware right

What do you require to ensure a smooth software implementation? If you’re looking at a best-in-class solution that can future-proof your business, drive revenue and improve the customer experience, you can start by reviewing your hardware options.

To receive the best experience possible during software implementation, you want to ensure everything meets and surpasses minimum hardware requirements. This leads to optimal performance and reliability during the roll-out stage and as you grow.

Another business requirement might also be a software provider that offers a customer-first approach. While many providers will go to great lengths to tell you about all the bells and whistles of every feature and what they can do for you, they will be not be useful if you do not receive adequate support during setup.

Get a head start with ROLLER

Getting the implementation process right is crucial to setting your business up for future success. ROLLER works with you by giving you access to all of the people and solutions you need from day one. ROLLER is trusted and has implemented its software with partners around the world on hundreds of occasions. Our customers love the advantage they get from a well executed implementation.

By focusing on what you’re going to accomplish, displaying a willingness to learn and an eagerness to communicate, your new software implementation will be the first step to improving the experience of your venue, its employees and customers alike.

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