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4 Reasons to go Online for Registrations and Ticket Sales


With a rapidly growing and competitive events industry, event organizers  are continuously looking for innovative methods to improve the efficiency of their event planning and workload. 

Here’s our list of 4 benefits of offering a smooth online registration and ticketing process:

Quick and easy registration for participants

The ease and convenience of being able to register or purchase tickets for an event anytime and anywhere has become key to an event’s success. Checkout and registration modules can now be seamlessly integrated into your website and it’s branding, and can be vital in converting customers. It’s a much simpler process than having to fill out printed forms and mailing them to participants/customers and it allows you to collect relevant data for ongoing promotions.

Automatic confirmation emails

Paper entry forms can take a few hours, and in some cases even days to process. The requirement of confirmations, mailing and receiving paperwork add more work to the process. Moving your event registration/purchase process online will allow you to utilize automated emails. Online ticketing software can be setup to automatically send a follow up email to the participant/customer confirming their registration and/or purchase. This will give your attendees an instant peace of mind and reduce admin work for your team.

Online data is secure and easy to use

One of the many benefits of having an online registration process is that your customer data is more efficiently managed and organised. When setting up your online registration, make sure you select a software that can seamlessly and securely integrate with your CRM system. It is especially important to make sure you have security standards and safeguards put in place if you are taking payments, not only for your customer’s security but also to save you from unnecessary complications. Consider finding a software provider that offers both an online registration module and a CRM platform for even easier data management.

Real-time reports

Organizing ticket sales for your venue or event can be difficult and tedious to manage. Moving your ticketing and registration online will mean instant updates to your system, up until the actual day of your event and even after it. You will be able to accurately follow your data in real-time and make the necessary changes to the venue to suit the sales.

Offering online registration/ticketing for your event or venue will not only benefit your customers with an easier and more secure process, but it will help your event planning and organisation in more ways than one. People are becoming increasingly comfortable with technology and the internet, and more consumers than ever are purchasing tickets online.

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