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What's possible with ROLLER's Open API?

Software has provided business owners with access to data, functionality, and intelligence that was never previously possible. 

By themselves, each software platform can deliver fantastic improvements to your business performance, but by connecting systems, you can enhance this even further - sharing information such as customer data, actions, or events, and improving performance through automated tasks.

Connecting systems is where ROLLER’s open API comes in. By connecting ROLLER with other software platforms, you can share data, benefit from functionality not currently available within ROLLER and improve your business’s performance such as through improved marketing, better workflows, greater business intelligence, automated tasks, and many other initiatives that can help grow your business.

So let’s take a step back for a moment, what’s an API?  API stands for Application Programming Interface.  In simple terms, an API acts as a translater. Similar to how people speak different languages, software programs do too. By translating information, APIs allow two independent software programs to talk to each other and send data to one another.  This opens up the opportunity for functionality beyond what either program allows its user to do.

With ROLLER’s open API, you can build a digital bridge from various software programs you might currently be using or would like to use to improve your business.  

While we have a number of pre-built API connections with many other software partners, with little development work, our open API allows you to connect to any platform of your choosing. 

Here are several suggestions based on existing partnerships with various other tools to show you what’s possible.


Reach a bigger audience.  Groupon has millions of customers looking to purchase experiences. Our integration with Groupon allows you to reach a new audience whilst seamlessly managing your venue’s capacity. Guests can book directly from Groupon and our API connection will automatically update your ticket inventory in real-time. You can even offer weekday pricing or discounts to encourage visitation during low periods.

Make FEC management easy.  Family entertainment centers can leverage our relationship with Intercard by enabling guests to purchase game cards online and in-venue and use them on attractions, games, and more.  Check out our interview with Intercard’s North American Sales rep Amber Lambert.

Drive repeat business.  Our connections with Campaign Monitor, T2 Connect, and InMoment Surveys allow you to keep the conversation going with your guests and send the right messages to the right guests based on the data gained from their ticket purchases. Send offers to previous birthday party guests right before their next birthday, offer regular guests membership deals, or encourage seasonal purchases at the perfect time. 

Visualize business-critical data.  How do your sales break down by department, venue, and specific business unit?  By integrating with Power BI, you can gain the data that you need that helps you make justifiable business decisions that can grow your revenue and lower your costs.

Improve online conversion rates.   Easily add Google analytics and advanced website tracking with Google Tag Manager. You’ll gain rich insights into your guests' behaviour online, how they flow through your checkout, and much more. 

Optimize your digital ecosystem.  Our connection with Google Big Query allows you to connect and warehouse the data generated from ROLLER into third-party software to run advanced and personalised reports on your business performance.

Confirm ticket validity.  Attractions such as wake parks can benefit from integrating with Smart Segments to manage ride queues and confirm ticket validity.  Check out our interview with Smart Segments Founder, Jeroen Sijl.

Personalize the laser tag experience.  Family Entertainment Centers that focus on laser tag can enhance the experience for members by integrating ROLLER’s point of sale data with ZLT’s Membership Connector and connecting players’ scores with their membership information.

Click here to learn more about ROLLER’s API functionality and integrations available to you and your venue.