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Uptown Jungle collects more feedback with the Guest Experience Score

Uptown Jungle Fun Parks is a collection of nine US-based indoor fun parks with play structures, trampolines, obstacles, climbing walls, and more.  Founded in 2014, Uptown Jungle largely caters to families with young children, 12 and under.  The environment at each of their venues can be described as fun and energetic, with excited children running from one activity to the next.

Over the years, Uptown Jungle has implemented several types of guest feedback surveys, including hand-written comment cards, team members speaking to guests, filling out surveys on tablets, and more.  Using these methods of feedback collection presented challenges with measuring and operationalizing insights from guest sentiment, particularly when the team needed to juggle other priorities that required focus and attention.  The challenge was to collect feedback related to the guest experience, particularly with several other priorities that needed focus and attention.

When Uptown Jungle implemented ROLLER’s GX Score, the volume of feedback went up significantly.  “Having something that is automatic, digital, gets out to everybody, and offers constant feedback is vital,” said Brad Collins, President and COO of Uptown Jungle.  Brad says that he has been able to pinpoint select few guests that may have had a poor experience, and then contact those individual guests to learn more and resolve their issues.  By doing this, Brad says that they have been able to effectively turn critics into fans.

Brad continues by saying that oftentimes guests are surprised and grateful when they receive a call from leadership after feedback from a negative experience.  Anneliese Morgan, Director of Sales for Uptown Jungle, says that the Guest Experience Score is a great tool to make their business better.  “It’s made our general managers hyper-focused on customer service.”

Negative guest feedback doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  If you can collect it through a private channel that allows you to deepen your relationship with the guest, you can turn a critic into a fan and then a fan into a loyal ambassador.  If you rely on social media and online reviews to understand your guests’ experiences, then negative experiences are being publicly broadcasted and damaging your reputation.  The GX Score can provide more data, protect your reputation, and strengthen your guest experience.

Anneliese continues, “I’m a huge advocate for it and I would highly recommend it to anyone.”  To start using the Guest Experience Score for free click here.