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How Rockstar Climbing Increases Online Sales By Over 25%

Rockstar Climbing is one of the UK’s leading indoor climbing centres, offering a range of climbing facilities including bouldering, high walls, fun walls, and an indoor cafe. 

Since opening their doors in 2015 Rockstar Climbing has worked with an off-the-shelf legacy system in the industry known as Rock Gym Pro for their guest experience software. While this was sufficient enough for them to get started, they soon began reviewing options, following dissatisfaction in the performance of their online sales, and a lack of ongoing development of the software.

Following much industry research, Rockstar Climbing has landed on ROLLER as the best fit for their needs, and after a successful implementation in 2019, our all-in-one platform now covers all aspects of their business including Memberships, Party Bookings, Capacity Control, CRM, POS, Payments, Waivers and more.

We spoke with James Deavin, Rockstar Climbing Operations Director, to gain their feedback on the success of change so far, which he has stated came down to four key contributing factors: A better online experience, closer payment integration, faster development, and more effective support. 

ROLLER’s online checkout functionality has enabled leisure and attractions venues - including Rockstar Climbing to improve the guest experience via a superior online checkout. By increasing the simplicity of path to purchase and streamlining website integrations, guests are able to more quickly make a booking without friction in the process. 

James Deavin reiterates this, noting, “Customers seem really happy about the change, and the fact its custom branded has given customers more confidence in the booking process.”

He continues, “On top of this, the membership and discount code redemption flow is much more simple and effective for our guests.” Since launching ROLLER, Rockstar Climbing has seen over a 25% increase in online sales for the business.

ROLLER Payments offers online and in-store payments, empowering leisure and attractions businesses to unlock real value in every transaction, and deliver a frictionless guest experience. Fully integrated payment fields allow venues to maximize online conversions and integrated reporting makes reconciliation easier than ever before. 

“We can do a lot more with it, and it definitely cuts down on admin time for our staff,” says James Deavin. He continues, “On top of this the tokenization has made it so much easier for customers to sign up to a membership and for us to take recurring payments.” 

As businesses continue to evolve, it’s imperative that technology partners meet the needs of today while planning for the challenges of tomorrow. The ROLLER team is continuously releasing product updates to ensure that our customers have what they need to be successful, unlock new revenue and delight guests. 

“It's very nice to see such rapid progress from the software, and that these monthly updates aren't just bug fixes, but are actual new features or feature improvements,” says James Deavin. “The fact that we have visibility of the product agenda and upcoming improvements allows us to plan for the future, and makes us feel recognized as a customer which is quite nice.”

One of the recent features that Rockstar Climbing is loving is flags and bans, which automates the sharing of guest information to ensure guests are climbing safely. Flags can be attached to a guest record so that all staff can easily see whether guests have completed the necessary safety induction processes.

The flags feature is an imperative part of our everyday operations. We use the competency flag to ensure that guests have completed the necessary safety induction or belay competency test. This helps maximize guest, staff, and spectator safety, and saves time at reception.
James Deavin
Operations Director, Rockstar Climbing Centre


ROLLER goes beyond providing venues with tools to help their business run more effectively by treating our customers as true partners every step of the way. Of his experience in working with the support team, James Deavin says, “We’ve definitely seen better response rates since making the move. It's clear that the support team knows what they are doing, with certain people specializing in certain areas to resolve our issues quickly as they arise.” 

By making the switch ROLLER, Rockstar benefits from the flexible nature of the application. Because it isn't developed for one market, Rockstar has seen benefits they didn't realize they were missing.

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