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Party Packages That Pop: Designing Irresistible Offerings for Family Entertainment Centers

Party Packages That Pop: Designing Irresistible Offerings for Family Entertainment Centers

Creating memorable party experiences is at the heart of any successful family entertainment center (FEC). Well-crafted party packages ensure that guests have a fantastic time while driving repeat business and enhancing your venue’s reputation.

In this article, we’ll dive into the beauty of party packages, exploring creative themes, engaging activities, customizable options, and more to help you design family entertainment center party packages that stand out.

Why do family entertainment center party packages matter? 

Party packages are a cornerstone of family entertainment centers, providing a convenient and exciting way for families to celebrate special occasions. It’s this ease of purchase that makes them such a great revenue stream – if you’ve gathered an attractive collection of attractions, food and beverages, and other fun items like party bags, you can effectively upsell guests who opt for the party package over a conventional pass or ticket on their big day. 

Plus, party packages are an excellent opportunity to appeal to a wide range of guests who will be attending your venue. If you delight each and every partygoer, you’ll have tapped into a new segment of potential customers and generated positive word-of-mouth. 

In short, a well-designed party package can make the difference between a one-time visit and a loyal base of repeat customers – all while boosting your bottom line! 

Understanding the party package target audience

The first step in creating successful party packages is understanding your target audience. Families planning events have diverse needs and preferences, often based on the age of the guests and, if it’s a birthday, the tastes of the birthday boy or girl. Tailoring your packages to different age groups ensures that everyone has a fun time at your venue, whether it’s a toddler’s birthday, a teen’s graduation, or a work event. Here’s what you should consider when looking into your target audience: 

  • Age groups: Customize packages for different ages, such as toddlers, children, and pre-teens, considering their interests, which of your spaces or attractions are right for them, and activity levels.
  • Family dynamics: Offer packages that appeal to the whole family, including parents and siblings. The more fun everyone has, the more likely they are to return!
  • Event types: Recognize various celebrations, such as birthdays, graduations, family reunions, and work events, catering to the nuances of each. 

Creative and customizable themes

A party’s theme sets the tone for the entire event. Offering a variety of creative themes that suit different age groups can make your party packages more appealing. Personalization and customization are key here – families love to feel that their party is unique and tailored to their preferences.

Party package theme idea 

  • For toddlers: Animal safari, under the sea, fairy tale adventure
  • For children: Superheroes, princesses and knights, space explorers
  • For pre-teens: Sports, science labs and robotics, wizards and witches
  • For adults: Movie magic, murder-mystery, sci-fi, fantasy

Customizing your party package themes 

How you customize each theme will depend on your attractions and target audience. Here are some thought starters for customizing your party packages: 

  • Themed decorations, utensils, and rooms.
  • Costumes and props for guests to wear and use (perfect for social snaps).
  • Specialized activities that align with the party theme (such as a zero gravity space-themed bounce session).
  • Food and beverages that match the occasion (a Mad Hatter’s tea party, for instance).  

Engaging party activities for all ages

Activities are the backbone of any successful party package. Providing a variety of interactive and engaging activities ensures that guests of all ages have a great time and think of their party at your venue long after it wraps. Activities should be versatile and cater to different interests, making the event enjoyable for everyone involved.

Party package activity ideas

  • Toddlers: Soft play areas, sing-along sessions, simple crafts
  • Children: Face painting, treasure hunts, interactive games
  • Pre-teens: Escape rooms, VR experiences, sports tournaments
  • Adults: Challenging escape rooms, bowling, wine tastings, cocktail parties, axe throwing 

The key is to offer activities that are fun, safe, and suitable for the age group. Ensure that there are enough activities to keep all guests entertained throughout the event. It’s also a great idea to offer waivers for any physical activities.

Party package catering options and treats

Food is a crucial part of any celebration. Offering catering packages that are suitable for family events can enhance the overall experience. Customizable menus and special treats for celebrants add a personal touch and can cater to dietary preferences or restrictions. Here are some catering ideas for your party packages:

  • Buffet options: Kid-friendly menus with healthy choices
  • Special treats: Personalized cakes, themed cupcakes, DIY snack stations
  • Dietary considerations: Options for allergies, vegetarian, and vegan diets

Personalization and add-ons

When it comes to making conversions, personalization is a powerful tool. Allowing guests to put their own stamp on your offering and personalize their big day can go a long way toward making your party packages memorable. Here’s how you can incorporate personalization and add-ons to enhance your party packages:

Party package personalization ideas

  • Custom invitations: Offer invitations that can be personalized with the celebrant’s name, photo, and party theme. Digital invites with custom designs can be a convenient and eco-friendly option.
  • Themed table settings: Provide table settings that match the party’s theme, such as plates, cups, and napkins featuring the birthday child’s favorite characters or colors. Personalized tableware, such as custom placemats with the child’s name, can add a special touch.
  • Personalized banners: Create banners that feature the celebrant’s name and a special message. Offer different styles and themes to match the party’s decor.
  • Unique entertainment options: To personalize the party experience, allow families to choose from a variety of entertainment options, such as magicians, clowns, or character appearances. Offer customizable entertainment packages that can be tailored to the child’s interests.

Party package add-on ideas

  • Photo booths: Set up themed photo booths with props and backdrops that match the party’s theme. Offer instant printouts or digital copies of photos as keepsakes for guests.
  • Special touches: Offer add-ons like face painting, balloon artists, or craft stations where children can create their own party souvenirs. Include options for personalized music playlists or themed party games.
  • Custom party bags: Provide a selection of party bags that can be personalized with the guest’s name or a special message. Examples include custom stickers, keychains, or mini gift bags with personalized tags.

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Budget-friendly and premium party packages

It’s essential to offer a range of packages that cater to different budgets. Providing both budget-friendly and premium options ensures that you can accommodate various financial constraints while highlighting the value and benefits of each. 

When designing a budget-friendly option for your party package, offer good value with essential activities, catering, and themes. With premium tiers, add in exclusives, such as additional activities, more food and beverage options, and personalized add-ons. 

And don’t forget about the power of memberships. You can incentivize more member sign-ups by offering certain packages, discounts, and perks exclusively to your members. 

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Streamlined booking process

A seamless planning and booking process for your party packages is vital for a stress-free experience and to reduce admin. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your party package booking process. 

  • Online booking: Ensure your online booking process is seamless by using a purpose-built platform like ROLLER.
  • Automated inclusions: ROLLER’s party booking and management software dynamically calculates the number of party inclusions based on the number of partygoers selected during online checkout, allowing the party planner to book their personalized party experience with confidence and ease. This all takes the burden of organizing the party away from your staff, allowing you to make more money from each event. 

Transform your venue with irresistible party packages 

Creating irresistible party packages is an art that combines creativity, attention to detail, and strategic planning. By understanding your target audience, offering customizable themes and activities, providing various catering options, and streamlining the booking process, you can ensure that every celebration at your family entertainment center is a hit. 

Remember, exceptional party packages not only delight guests but also drive repeat business and enhance your venue’s reputation! 

Book a demo with ROLLER today, and we’ll show you how our all-in-one platform can help you grow your business.