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November Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this months ROLLER updates including our NEW Schedules experience + booking validation settings + Apple, Google, WeChat and Ali Pay for ROLLER Payments + referral bonuses!


This release includes:

  • New Schedules experience
  • ROLLER Payments support in both POS and Online Checkout for:
    • Apple Pay,
    • Google Pay,
    • WeChat Pay and
    • Alipay 
  • Refund online payments at POS
  • Referral links and bonuses

Video transcript

New Schedules experience

To kick things off, we are going to take you on a tour of our new schedules experience in Venue Manager.

The new schedules experience allows users to create and manage all of a venue's session schedules within a single interface. Designed to simplify schedule management and provide you with a holistic overview of what you're selling and when.

Viewing schedules

Let's start a tour by viewing existing schedules.

Previously to view a schedule staff needed to open each product separately to view the schedule for that product. To view the tickets available for sale they needed to drill into each individual session time.

The new schedules experience allows you to view every schedule in a familiar and user friendly calendar interface.

Immediately the calendar displays a clear overview of the days where session products are scheduled with a blue highlight and clicking any day immediately displays the specific products scheduled.

To view a product's schedules, use the product selector to instantly display all active schedules. Any expired schedules are automatically hidden and can be viewed by clicking here.

When a product is selected, colour indicators for each schedule are added to the calendar. The detailed schedule view on the right hand side lists each schedule, displaying its colour, date summary along with the first and final session times.

To view a schedule’s sessions and tickets, simply select the schedule and then the individual session to view ….

This ability to select products and immediately view schedules in a full screen interface enables staff to review and edit schedules more efficiently and accurately.

Creating schedules

Let's look at creating new a schedule:

  1. Start by selecting the product and then click the Create schedule button
  2. Select the start date for your schedule and then the finish date from the calendar to define the date range
  3. To limit the schedule to certain days of the week, use these circular day selectors displayed under the date field
  4. Then click Next, select the first and last session starting times, then session interval period.
  5. Define tickets and locations, before clicking Add sessions
  6. Finally, give your schedule a name, and add a description for internal purposes only to make it easier for other staff to manage and understand.
  7. Complete by clicking Save.

We’ve updated the Session Pass and Recurring Pass product interfaces to enable for these two processes to be completed separately. Clicking the save button will automatically open this new schedules experience.

Join the beta

The new schedules experience is currently in beta and open to all customers that wish to participate.

To find out more and access the beta schedules experience, click on this learn more link and submit a support ticket to our Customer Success team.

Booking validations

Last month we added restrictions to prevent editing and creation of past bookings in Venue Manager and this impacted some venues unnecessarily such as those that use a cash accounting method. So we’ve added a new configuration setting to allow venues to define which past bookings can be edited.

I’ll quickly show you how to change the setting.

  1. In Venue Manager, head over to Settings > Account > Venue Settings.
  2. Unlock the Venue Settings page to enable editing
  3. Scroll down to the Bookings & Enquiries panel and you will find this new Booking Modifications field.
This is the setting that defines how your venue can interact with past bookings.

Disable all historical modifications restricts changes to any past booking items, preventing past revenue data from changing.

Allow all modifications allows staff to edit any booking and should be used by venues reporting on a cash basis.

You can also enable the current week or months bookings to be edited, or define a custom lock out date based on how you manage your reporting and accounting.

This update is now live and available to all customers.

Apple, Google, WeChat and Alipay

Consumer use of digital wallets has surged in recent times due to improved security, safety, reliability and ease of use. We’re happy to announce that we’ve added support to ROLLER Payments for:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • WeChat Pay and
  • Alipay

For both POS and online checkout transactions.

These updates are live for all venues using ROLLER Payments and we’re beta testing for several weeks before making available to all venues. If you're interested in joining the beta to adopt these digital wallets, simply submit a support ticket to request access.

Refunding online payments in POS

Venues using ROLLER Payments can now find and refund an online transaction in POS which will issue the refund to the card originally used to process the transaction.

I’ll quickly show you how that’s done:

  1. In POS > open a booking that was made online
  2. Select refund > choose the online payment made > click refund
  3. Complete the refund

The role permission Can issue refunds is required to issue a refund in POS.

This update is live and available to all clients using ROLLER Payments.

Referral program

Over the years, we are have been lucky enough to receive a lot of word-of-mouth referrals from our amazing community, and customers. Today, we are really excited to be launching our referral program, to reward our community for sharing the love, and referring our platform to other businesses in the industry

So if you are enjoying your experience with us, and have someone in mind who may benefit from using our platform, all you have to do is ...

  1. Log into venue manager
  2. Click on the venue name on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Share the Love by following the prompts, provide their contact information and we’ll do the rest.

It’s as simple as that. You make the introduction, and we take it from there.

If the business you refer ends up signing up with us, they will receive a free month subscription, AND you will also receive a credit to your business' account for the same amount, as a thank you!

It’s a win for everyone.