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Museum of Play and Art expands admission offerings with ROLLER

The Museum of Play and Art (MoPA) is a children’s museum located in Geelong, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, Australia.  MoPA’s mission is to facilitate learning through play, believing that more play and creativity will lead to a brighter future, particularly when they are emphasized at early ages.  At MoPA, guests can discover, interact, and get messy as they explore the museum’s exhibits that are designed to help them shape the way they will one day manage life’s biggest challenges.  MoPA has been recognized as a leader in learning through play and even regarded by some as one of the world’s greatest children’s museums.

MoPA sells a variety of ticket options based on age and the time of day guests intend to visit.  Guests can purchase tickets for infants, children, adults, and seniors, and can specifically reserve for the morning, mid-day, or late afternoon.  This allows MoPA to manage attendance and capacity, rather than non-specific ticket times that may end up with large crowds arriving simultaneously.  In addition to general admission, MoPA also offers memberships, gift cards, adults-only nights, and twilight sessions to expand operating hours through separately-ticketed admission products.

When looking for a ticketing system, Thomas Mahon, Director of the Museum of Play and Art, says that they outlined several problems that they were looking to have solved by a software solution.  This included the ability to sell tickets online, integrate with their food and beverage operations, and communicate with guests after their visit to grow their lifetime value.  So Thomas jumped on Google and start searching.

Thomas has found that ROLLER is the leader at addressing the aforementioned issues, as well as many others.  When learning more about ROLLER’s functionality, what Thomas learned opened up additional suggestions for ways that MoPA could operate.  “So there were a whole bunch of smaller aha moments that I realized, probably because you guys are much more mature in this market than I was as a buyer, but you'd solve all these problems I didn't even know existed.”  From these initial conversations is when the idea to manage capacity came about.

Deciding to invest in any venue management solution is not a decision that is made lightly, and ROLLER recognizes how mission-critical the product is to the pulse of the business.  “Being able to deliver a really beautiful online ticketing process - like seamless - being able to optimize it, being able to tweak it, being able to test, many understand how impactful it can be if you get the online and offline integration thing really well-tuned, that can have such an impact on a visitor experience.”

ROLLER prides itself on being the guest experience platform, which meets the intersection of business needs and guest satisfaction.  When every aspect of the software is built to be a top-tier product, the business naturally sees greater success.  ROLLER is privileged to partner with the Museum of Play and Art to help further the venue’s mission of facilitating learning through play.