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June Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this months ROLLER updates including Simplified reporting + Standard passes for SSK + Recurring payment capture.


This release includes:

  • Simplified reporting
  • Standard passes for SSK
  • Recurring payment capture

Video transcript

Simplified reporting

First up is simplified reporting for venues reporting on a cash basis.

The cash accounting method recognizes revenue when funds are received whilst accrual accounting recognises it based on the day it is earned such as a redemption or expiration. Therefore, cash accounting does not record deferred revenue.

Venues that adopt the cash accounting basis can now access to a greatly simplified view report data by enabling this cash accounting toggle in venue settings. 

Activating this setting modifies  the report to remove accrual accounting data such as deferred revenue and replaces it with data relevant to cash accounting. 

We’ve also improved terminology across grids, metrics and exports as well as optimised the exported column names to make it easier for venues to find the data they are looking for.

These updates are live and available to all customers.

Standard passes for SSK

Next up is Standard passes for our self-serve kiosk application. 

We’re pleased to announce venues can now sell standard pass products on self serve kiosks.

Self Serve Kiosks are a service platform guests love to utilise and a great tool for parks to improve efficiency, reduce labour costs and increase revenue.

Setting up the SSK to sell standard passes is simple and can be done from the self-serve kiosk page in Venue manager. 

A single SSK device can sell either standard or session passes, however you cannot sell both on a one device. 

This update is live and available to all customers.

Recurring payment capture

Finally is an update for the capture of recurring payment tokens for venues using ROLLER Payments.

Venues will no longer be required to manually enter card information when capturing a debit/credit card and creating a recurring membership token at POS. A token will be automatically captured via the guests authorisation at the payment terminal, creating a vastly quicker and more accurate process. 

This improvement is live and available to all venues using Adyen and ROLLER Payments.