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Jump Inc Jumps to Success with ROLLER


Jump Inc is home to four of the UK’s most loved family entertainment parks.

Jam-packed from floor to roof with exciting obstacle courses, families can enjoy hours of trampoline fun, scale the epic ‘jelly mountain’, and dodge the giant wipe out balls.

For over a year now, Jump Inc has been using ROLLER to power their business and supercharge the guest experience. 

We spoke to the Hannah Stanton, General Manager, to find out what prompted Jump Inc to move to ROLLER, and hear first hand how ROLLER has made a difference to the guest experience and day-to-day operations.

Business Wide Impact

After years of operating with a ‘slow and clunky’ system that many customers struggled to use, Jump Inc went searching for a system to improve online ticketing.

Our previous system had quite a few flaws. After using it for a few years, these little niggles started to have a wider impact on our business.

The busy family entertainment center used to receive calls from customers who found it hard to book online.

“The customer journey was far too long and resulted in more calls to sort booking issues”

Jump Inc knew that the customer journey was evolving and customer purchasing trends are shifting towards online channels. The potential for lost revenue with even a small percentage decrease in conversions is high. 

Fewer Clicks for the Customer

Great venue operators understand that the customer journey doesn’t just begin when people arrive at the park. A key aspect of any business as successful as Jump Inc is making sure that every interaction, from the first touch online to the smiling receptionist waving goodbye, is meaningful. 

“Since moving from our previous system to ROLLER, the customer journey has been so much smoother. With fewer clicks for the customer, it can take seconds to make a booking. As ROLLER is so easy to use and for our reception team to operate, the walk-in process is also considerably faster than before.

Purpose-built for the leisure and entertainment industry, ROLLER gives its clients a competitive advantage by putting the guest experience at the heart of our software. Together, Jump Inc and ROLLER have reduced the friction customers experience while booking at home, and as a result, there has been a huge increase in online conversions.

With less time taken up on phone bookings, Jump Inc could focus on what they do best - delivering an exceptional guest experience!

“ROLLER filled us with confidence from the start”

Upgrading business operations from one system to another may feel like a daunting task. It can be challenging when you have multiple sites and teams spread out across the country. For Jump Inc, it was easy.

The team at ROLLER were incredibly supportive. It was far simpler than we thought it would be. ROLLER filled us with confidence from the kickoff, and has certainly delivered to this day.

ROLLER’s team of dedicated specialists are on-hand 24/7 to help our clients at all stages of their business. As a result, each of Jump Inc’s local teams knew who to contact for any issue big or small, and felt supported.

“Now we have a system that makes the booking process so easy, our call center team are finding less need for customers to call.”

Add Value to the Online Customer Experience 

We asked Hannah which of ROLLER’s features had the most impact on their day-to-day business:

“The add on feature of the product set up is one of my favorite features. It allows us to upsell and add value to our customer experience online. Each product can have varying ‘add ons’, meaning we can fully customize the upsell.”

Every customer is unique, and Jump Inc is now equipped with the solutions they need to understand every guest that walks through the door. 

With a high level of personalization to their checkout flow, Jump Inc has noticed an increase in average spend-per-head and guest satisfaction is at an all-time high. Guests can purchase their socks, buy unlimited drinks, or additional activities such as Basher Car Sessions online, from the comfort of their own home

Advice for Other Venues

Finally, we asked Hannah if she had any advice for other trampoline and inflatable parks considering ROLLER.

Do it! If you’re serious about running a seamless and efficient business, ROLLER is a must!

To see how you can experience the benefits of all-in-one cloud software at your venue, click on the button below to contact ROLLER.