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Highlights from the IAAPA Expo Asia

iaapa expo asia

The IAAPA Expo Asia, formerly the Asian Attractions Expo, is a highly anticipated event in the Asia Pacific region. It brings together industry professionals from all over the world to discover the latest innovations and trends. It is a fantastic opportunity for operators looking to save time, grow revenue, and delight their guests by sharing best practices, networking with peers, and engaging in special events.

Our team had a wonderful time at the expo this year, which was made extra special after being canceled for the last couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and chat with many business leaders doing such impressive things to deliver great experiences. And it was an excellent opportunity for the ROLLER team to take the stage to discuss “How Data-Driven Tech Drives Business Growth & Delivers World-Class Experiences.”

See the highlights below.

Streamlining technology to make better sense of data

Our very own Account Executive, Chris McBoyle, was joined by David Lim from Forrest Adventure and Bounce and Zishan Amir from ZRG Adventures & Consulting to present an informative and insightful speaking session that gives business leaders actionable insights as to how they can better utilize the data at their fingertips to drive growth within their organizations.


In Asia, like many other places of the world, the pandemic played a critical role in accelerating the adoption of technology. We saw that in the attractions and leisure industry too! Particularly in Singapore, where this year’s IAAPA Expo Asia was hosted, the industry was propelled into the future as operators became much more digitally literate, partly driven by government incentives.

So how do we solve this? To drive business growth, venue operators must move away from siloed working methods to systems that empower their teams to scale effectively. Optimizing your tech stack helps build collaboration and efficiencies across teams while maintaining the brand at an HQ level.

At ROLLER, operators come to us with this common challenge all of the time.  We work with them to transition to a single platform that allows them to run their business easily. To learn more about how exactly that works, get in touch.


What operators hope to achieve in 2023 and beyond

In addition to sharing practical ways to solve everyday challenges during our speaking session, we heard straight from the ground what attractions operators want most from their business in the next 12 months. See what they had to say.

All-in-one venue management software that actually works

The ROLLER platform is designed to help operators deliver a superior guest experience, save time, and boost revenue.

Through ROLLER, operators can obtain all the necessary tools for selling their experiences, serving their guests, marketing their business, and managing their operations — all in one convenient place. No more wasted time and stress trying to get multiple separate systems to work together, just one smooth, seamless guest and staff experience!

Ability to sell stock online or in-store with ease

ROLLER makes it simple for your venue to sell tickets in-venue and online. With ROLLER's Progressive Checkout, your guests will enjoy a smooth and enjoyable online shopping experience. The platform offers a variety of user-friendly features and modern design elements that will keep guests engaged and increase conversion rates.

Plus stunning visuals will encourage guests to spend more and are proven to increase basket size by 50%!

An intuitive, powerful POS that pleases staff and guests

ROLLER's POS system is designed to be user-friendly, highly efficient, and lightning-fast.

When using ROLLER's POS, you can use various features such as ticketing, F&B, group and party bookings, and more. These features work seamlessly with the POS system, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes.

An integrated payments processor that helps capture more revenue

You can easily sell your products online and in person with our platform's seamless integration with our native payment processor, ROLLER Payments.

ROLLER Payments has an impressive authorization rate of 94.5% (versus an 82% industry average) thanks to its advanced dunning and other features. It also supports various payment methods, including digital wallets and Buy Now, Pay Later, while providing integrated security features for refunds and protection against fraudulent activities.

Ability to take action based on guest feedback

By utilizing our Guest Experience Score (GX Score) feedback tool, operators can efficiently collect valuable feedback from their guests. Our tool sends out surveys to guests at the appropriate time, asking direct and insightful questions to help improve the overall experience at your venue.

Surveys are sent shortly after guests' visits, allowing you to promptly address any negative feedback and prevent it from being shared publicly. Incorporating the GX Score can elevate your guests' experience and ensure their satisfaction. Our customers have seen a 27% increase in guest satisfaction when using the tool!


We’ll see you next time, IAAPA Expo Asia!

Thank you for having us, IAAPA Expo Asia! We had a phenomenal time meeting some incredible professionals and operators and learned so much.

If we didn't meet you there, we'd love to discuss how ROLLER can assist your venue in streamlining operations, boosting efficiencies, and maximizing revenue. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with us here.