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February 2021 Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this months ROLLER updates including scheduled reports + discount enhancements + favorite discounts feature + archive discounts and fiscal compliance for German venues.


This release includes:

  • Scheduled Reports 
  • Fiscal compliance for German venues
  • Discount enhancements 
    • Favorite discounts
    • Archive discounts
    • List filters

Video transcript

Scheduled Reports

First up this month is our new scheduled reports feature.

staff have always been able to generate reports within venue manager. But now we've added a new feature to automate delivery by email. I'll quickly show you how that's done.

Log into venue manager and navigate to Reports and scheduled reports. Click Create scheduled report. Select the report type the frequency.

This defines the date range of the data, set the Send schedule and your email recipients then click Confirm. As simple as that roller will automatically emailed a link to download the report to recipients helping them to get the data they need faster without having to log in and generate the report manually.

This update is live and available to all clients then use on legacy or late plans are limited to one scheduled report. Those on pro or enterprise plans can create up to 20 scheduled reports.

Discount Enhancements 

Favorite discounts

Next is a really exciting and highly requested set of enhancements for discounts.

Let's start by demonstrating a new function to favourite a discount and venue manager in order to add it to a new pause interface.

Select the discount and simply click this star icon to favourite or unfavored the discount. When a discount is selected. It'll be listed in this new pause panel, which greatly improves the speed of applying common discounts to bookings by eliminating the need to manually input discount codes.

Next, we've added new filters to improve the discount management experience. In venue manager. You're now able to filter the discount list by discount type, status or favourite setting.

Many venues have hundreds of different discounts and this enhancement makes it much easier to manage discounts. Finally, we're very happy to announce that one of the most requested features has finally been implemented.

Archive Discounts 

Finally, we're very happy to announce that one of the most requested features has finally been implemented. The ability to archive the discount, archive the discounts and remove it from the view of active discounts and venue manager.

Select Archived from the options menu here, you can view archived discounts at any time using the status filter. And if you decide to reuse an archived discount at a later point in time, simply unarchive it these features alive and the new favourites feature is available to all venues subscribe to a roller probe or enterprise plan.

Fiscal Compliance for German Venues

The final major update for the month is fiscal compliance for German venues.

The German cash security regulation mandates that all devices processing sales must be equipped with a certified device that records all transactions and issues at cryptographically signed receipt.

To achieve this. We've partnered with fiskaly to provide a simple, safe and legally compliant cloud solution without the need for hardware devices. German venues using roller you should contact our customer success team to purchase that fiscally add on and organise implementation ahead of the march 31 government deadline.