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December Product Updates

Enjoy this short video demonstrating this month's ROLLER updates including The Guest Experience Score + Platform performance enhancements + HQ Bulk product updates + ROLLER webhooks. 


This release includes:

  • The Guest Experience Score
  • Platform performance enhancements
  • HQ Bulk product updates
  • ROLLER webhooks

Video transcript


The Guest Experience Score

We’re very excited to announce our latest product: The Guest Experience score! Our mission at ROLLER is to help you create amazing guest experiences, and a large part of achieving that is truly understanding how guests feel about their experience.

Until now, collecting guest feedback has been difficult to set up, been tiresome for guests to complete, and doesn’t provide enough actionable insight to improve your business. Our new tool: The Guest Experience Score, is a powerful sentiment analysis tool that enables you to collect, analyze, and action guest feedback. It automatically sends a survey tailored specifically for leisure and attraction businesses at the perfect time. Responses are seamlessly linked to key information about the guest and their booking in order to provide you with rich, actionable insights.

Give the Guest Experience Score a try with a free 14-day trial. To get started, simply log into Venue Manager, navigate to Guests and GX Score, then follow the prompts to activate your subscription.

Platform performance enhancements

Next are some great speed improvements to the ROLLER platform. 

Our infrastructure and product teams are continually working behind the scenes to improve the performance of ROLLER and we recently completed a substantial project to scale our infrastructure and host services in data centers closest to our customer's geographical location. 

These upgrades have resulted in faster application load times, better load capacity and enable us to perform maintenance outside of your business's operating hours.

All of these upgrades will help us deliver a better experience for both you and your guests.

HQ Bulk product updates 

Next up are HQ bulk product updates.

For customers managing multiple venues with ROLLER HQ, you can now edit and manage products across all venues within your single HQ account.

Instead of logging into each venue to manually make product updates, you’ll now be able to update them in HQ, select which venues you want to apply changes to, and publish those changes without leaving your ROLLER HQ account. 

This is a huge enhancement to save you time and effort in managing products. The HQ bulk product update feature is available to customers subscribing to the HQ Pro plan, so if you’d like to benefit from this feature, please contact support to upgrade.

ROLLER webhooks

Finally this month we’ve released a beta program for webhooks.

Webhooks help developers integrate and extend ROLLER by sending real-time event data to their application instantly when it's created, edited, or deleted in ROLLER.

This might be when:

  • a ticket is sold to integrate with access gates, 
  • a guest subscribes to a mailing list to integrate with an email marketing platform or
  • when a new member signs up to send them a welcome text message

With Webhooks your application can receive and action this data in real-time.

Find out more about webhooks by visiting our developer center at