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How Ninja Warrior UK Achieved Over 3 Million Bookings In 4 Years

The growing network of Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks is based on the hit television show. Featuring a mix of adrenalin-fuelled TV show-style courses and inflatable runs inspired by the family favorite program, guests have the chance to tackle the obstacles just like they have seen on screen. The adventure parks allow for cost-effective fun for families and children while promoting physical health through exercise. At this time, there are currently 17 Ninja Warrior UK adventure parks across England, Scotland, and Wales, with further venues planned to open during the next year.

When guests visit Ninja Warrior UK, they can purchase entry for a 60-minute or two-hour session, along with additional options to save during evening hours and great offers available for children. Guests can also purchase gift cards or book birthday parties, all through the official website.

ROLLER is an essential tool in forecasting for the next month, or quarter. It gives us great insights and data for analysis
Ian France
Commercial Manager, ITV Studios

Powerful reporting

Before switching to ROLLER, reconciling numbers took a lot of work because it was challenging to differentiate guests who booked in advance from those who paid cash upon arrival. This led to significant amounts of manual labor that would tie up their staff, along with concerns about the accuracy of the data that was ultimately reported.

“The fact that I can understand and work with ROLLER with such confidence and ease is a great credit to it as a platform.” Ian France, Commercial Manager for ITV Studios, shares how easy it is to use ROLLER’s reporting to understand how the business performs across all 17 parks. “I use ROLLER every day. I’m looking at figures and historical analysis and looking ahead at bookings for a particular month, and in turn, it really is an essential tool in forecasting for the next month or quarter. It's a platform that I find easy to use and gives us great insights and data for analysis,” says Ian.

Ninja Warrior has used ROLLER’s powerful reporting to track essential milestones in their growth journey – they recently surpassed over three million bookings through ROLLER in just four years!

Increased revenue potential

In addition to business intelligence that allows Ninja Warrior UK to monitor performance, ROLLER’s platform has also enabled Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks to increase revenue through upsells and cross-sells. For example, when guests are booking a visit to the park, they can also pre-purchase merchandise such as a sweatband, headband, or branded socks to be worn during their visit. “ROLLER enables venue operators to sell more merchandise,” says Ian.

ROLLER enables venue operators to sell more merchandise. We have no hesitation in recommending ROLLER as a very reliable, easy-to-use platform.
Ian France
Commercial Manager, ITV Studios

Ian also stresses that ROLLER’s support team is incredibly responsive, and any back-end issues are rectified immediately. “We have no hesitation in recommending ROLLER as a very reliable, easy-to-use platform.” 

How ROLLER can help you achieve revenue growth like Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park

Ian shared how Ninja Warrior UK has seen an increase in year-over-year bookings with a continued growth trajectory. In addition to higher visitation, Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Parks have also enjoyed the benefits of increased spend per head, amplifying their success even further.

Using ROLLER, here are the benefits that Ninja Warrior UK has gained and how you can leverage the platform to see success in your venue.

1. Expand your product range 

When your point of sale provider makes it simple to create new offerings, it gives you the flexibility to test ideas to see which products resonate best with guests.

2. Increase spend per head

Like many other leisure activities and adventure parks, guests to Ninja Warrior UK purchase specific socks to participate in the inflatable obstacles. Plus, they have a range of food and beverage options available for purchase at the venue. You can increase spend per head by selling add-ons to your guests. Consider selling add-ons online to save your staff time and increase convenience for the guest.

3. Book more parties and groups

Is your process of booking birthday parties seamless, or is it arduous? What worked for decades is no longer practical, where all groups would be booked over the phone. In today’s world, the modern consumer wants everything at their fingertips, and optimizing your party booking for mobile enables your guests to book birthday parties seamlessly.

To learn more about how ROLLER can help you improve your business, guest experience, and employee experience, click here to schedule a demo today.