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ClimbZone reduces payroll costs by $15k per year with ROLLER

ClimbZone is a family entertainment center renowned for its unique indoor climbing experiences and a range of other family-fun attractions, like ropes courses, soft play, and arcade games. Yechiel Ebstein, Operating Partner of ClimbZone, first joined the business in 2019 when he opened a ClimbZone facility in Howell, New Jersey. Since then he has expanded and opened several new locations, and Yechiel now manages ClimbZone’s five locations across the US.

ClimbZone switched to ROLLER’s cloud-based venue management platform in 2022 to improve operational efficiency, save costs and improve the guest experience. The business faced difficulties with its previous server-based venue management platform. As a platform built for climbing gyms, it couldn’t accommodate their requirements as a family entertainment center with multiple attractions. The system was a burden for both guests and staff, as online booking and waiver data had to be manually imported into the system each day before a guest could check in. “We needed additional dedicated staff on busy days to come in early and import all the transactions. It was very cumbersome,” says Yechiel.

ClimbZone trialed another cloud-based provider, but it failed to provide the advanced resource and capacity management capabilities required to control guest numbers across different venue areas and attractions. “With ROLLER, it's very easy to manage and limit capacity instead of jumping through hoops to see how busy your attractions are,” says Yechiel.

Reducing check-in time with integrated waivers

In addition to improved capacity and resource management, ClimbZone leverages ROLLER’s integrated waivers to streamline operations and reduce guest check-in times. Waivers play a crucial role in ClimbZone's operations, ensuring guest safety and providing critical liability protection. With ROLLER, guests can sign waivers online before arriving at the venue, reducing wait times at the front counter and allowing them to dive straight into the fun. “Waivers are streamlined as part of the checkout process,” says Yechiel. This has also reduced administrative burden, alleviated staff stress during busy periods, and eliminated the risk of guests climbing without a signed waiver. 

The check-in process is a lot simpler and faster with ROLLER. It’s a beautiful integrated platform.
Yechiel Ebstein
Operating Partner, ClimbZone

Streamlining training and cutting labor costs

ClimbZone has experienced significant cost savings with ROLLER’s intuitive point-of-sale technology, streamlined check-in process, and efficient waiver management. “Our payroll cost has decreased with ROLLER. We can comfortably operate the business with less staff at the reception counter,” says Yechiel. This equates to a large annual labor cost reduction for ClimbZone. 

Our payroll cost has decreased with ROLLER. That’s $15,000 a year in savings.
Yechiel Ebstein
Operating Partner, ClimbZone


ROLLER's user-friendly interface has also minimized the time and effort needed to train new staff members. New staff only need to shadow a staff member for a few hours to be able to operate solo. “It's a very simple training process. After working with a staff member for two hours, they have a good enough idea to be working at the POS with just a manager overseeing them,” says Yechiel. As a result, ClimbZone has experienced reduced training costs, faster onboarding, and improved operational efficiency, ultimately translating into increased revenue.

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