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4 Marketing Must-Do’s to Keep Your Park Ahead of the Curve


The changing world of marketing seems to be moving quicker than ever before. 

Whether it’s an update to Google’s search ranking or a game-changing feature that drastically changes the way we use social networks, marketing is constantly changing.

It can all start to feel a bit overwhelming, so we’ve outlined the four major overarching trends of what the future of marketing holds for your park.

1. Video

Creating engaging video is the best way to share an experience, moment-by-moment. Video is all the rage online, with Mark Zuckerberg recently commenting that all their social apps are now taking a video first approach. With the move to ‘stories’, ephemeral content doesn’t need to be ‘over-manufactured’, consumers are loving organic, natural video content. Include video in your market strategy and increase engagement today.

2. Influencers

Major and Micro influencers continue to dominate the space, with consumers trusting ‘influencers’ over brands on social channels. Major influencers can now take up a fair bit of your marketing budget so don’t be shy in engaging micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are influencers with 1000 - 5000 social followers and can often seem more trustworthy to their followers. This is the modern ‘sampling’ strategy, where you provide influencers in your industry with freebies in exchange for a few posts on their channels. So providing free passes, discounts and collateral to share. The best place to find these ‘micro-influencers’ is on Instagram or Snapchat.

3. Chat Features

Instant chat functionality is blurring the lines between customer service and marketing. However, being proactive and having someone ready to ‘welcome’ new users to your website can go a long way in converting visitors to customers. This can be an automated feature that shares relevant information, details to key events or discount codes, right to your potential customers.

4. Email

Email Marketing campaigns definitely aren’t going anywhere. Radicati Group, a technology marketing research firm, predicts that there are over 250 billion emails sent every single day. So how do you stand out from the noise? Focus on providing value to your database through a succinct email campaign strategy to get the best results. Consumer focused content will help you attract more website traffic and help you build a database.

Including these four overarching themes in your marketing strategy can help you attract a wider audience and increase your digital engagement. Make sure you are measuring for the right metrics and using an advanced online ticketing platform to convert this increase in visitors.

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