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ROLLER Builds a New, Zero-emission EU Data Center!

EU data center

ICYMI, last year ROLLER launched a completely carbon-neutral Data Center in the EU to house our European clients' data. This decision was made to improve platform speed for our EU customers and ensure they can store their data within the region.

And as a result, our EU customers enjoy decreased latency (delay between an IT user's request and its completion) and increased system speeds! But did you know that building this Data Center means that these benefits also apply to all ROLLER customers? That’s right!

Curious as to how it all works? Read on for all the details.

What is a Data Center?

A Data Center is a physical location that houses computer systems and associated components, storing and sharing both applications and data.

The primary purpose of Data Centers is to collect, process, distribute, store, and allow access to large amounts of data.

How do Data Centers work?

Data Centers can facilitate various things, from powering online gaming communities to conducting instant messaging services for businesses.

For ROLLER's purposes, we use these centers primarily for cloud storage and to enable e-commerce transactions like online booking and purchasing from our platform. 

ROLLER’s EU Data Center

ROLLER built an EU Data Center as we noticed that our European customers were impacted by not having a local Data Center, specifically in terms of higher degrees of latency.

However, this Data Center also helps those customers who are not in Europe and did not get migrated over, as there will be reduced demand on other servers with the decreased number of dependent customers per center.

What are the benefits of building an EU Data Center?

Having a local Data Center is advantageous for ROLLER customers in a few ways:

  • The closer you are to a Data Center, the better your quality of service
  • Improved checkout and POS performance
  • Increased user speeds
  • Fewer interruptions from system updates
  • Higher degrees of security protection

Customer success is our chief goal

We built our Data Center during a pandemic off the back of these 4-cost saving strategies. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was important that all of our customers enjoyed the same seamless experience when using ROLLER products and that they enjoyed the maximum efficiency and performance of our systems.

Our EU Data Center is an exciting step toward our chief goal of ever-delighted customers, and we will continue improving our systems and products with this goal in mind.