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9 Must-Have POS Features Your Venue Needs

POS features

A point of sale system is the point at which guests execute payment in exchange for goods or services. In an attractions venue, this point will generally either be at the counter or, if your venue utilizes them, at a self-serve kiosk.

There are two main types of POS systems: traditional, server-based POS and modern, cloud-based POS. Both systems have their merits; however, venues are increasingly switching to the cloud.

In this piece, we go through 9 must-have POS features essential to increasing operational efficiency at your attraction's venue.

1. Easily manage payments, refunds & bookings

Technology is always moving towards that which is faster and easier. So now, it's what we all expect.

Your guests and team expect to use POS systems designed for the user, a system where bookings, payments, and refunds can happen quickly and easily. Well, now these systems exist!

A cloud-based all-in-one POS system like ROLLER is super fast and super secure! Booking, all the way through to purchase, and if need be refund stages, can be performed all on one POS device.

Long queues, overbookings, and disgruntled guests will be a thing of the past! Learn how to serve, sell and apply discounts via POS here. And learn more about bookings here.

2. Sell merchandise, food, and drink all from the one POS device

Selling food and merchandise is a GREAT way to increase interest in your venue and, in effect, increase revenue generation for you. While selling these add-ons can seem like a great idea, you may be doing your business more harm than good if you have to manage multiple systems to sell them.

Multiple systems can cause team-member confusion and strain your guests, as they wait longer to be served as your staff go from one system to another.

ROLLER POS can process merchandise and food and drink orders too! So no time is wasted, and your lines keep flowing without speed bumps! Learn more.

3. Cashless wallet options

Your guests want to be able to pay the way that they want. Over 50% of guests now say they want the option of paying with a digital wallet when they proceed to make a transaction. So, having a POS system that accepts digital wallets and BNPL options is essential for today's attractions venue.

ROLLER's  Wallet feature accepts RFID fobs or swipe cards pre-loaded with funds. Providing this kind of convenience and broad-spectrum payment options is a critical factor in guaranteeing your venue's longevity.

For more information on how to set up different types of checkout payment methods in your POS, click here.

4. Modern, user-friendly interface

Are your staff tired of using slow and hard-to-navigate POS systems?  

Having well-designed and purpose-built software significantly impacts your staff and guest experience. Whether it’s the ease at which your team can put through orders or the seamless self-serve kiosk experience that will delight your guests﹘a user-friendly interface is essential!

ROLLER’s POS systems are designed for the attractions industry and are super easy to navigate and understand. Find out all about how to get started here.

5. Customizable interface

When you run a busy venue, you want editing your POS interface to be as easy as dragging and dropping the changes you wish to publish. And even better, for these changes to publish automatically across all your devices.

This kind of functionality is perfect for quickly and easily pushing promotions for your guests to see without taking the extra time that a server-based system would require.

Click here to learn how ROLLER can provide you with a cloud-based POS system that can do all of the above and more! And then, find out more about configuring your ROLLER POS to suit your venue's needs, such as selecting language preferences, setting automatic logout, etc.


6. Add tips in POS

After your guests have had the most fantastic time at your venue, they might want to say thanks by leaving you a tip! But who carries around paper money or spare change anymore?

You need a POS system that gives you the functionality to add the guests' preferred tip amount to their final bill. A process like this is a fast and hassle-free way of collecting a tip. And since guests don't have to worry about not having spare change on them to offer as a tip, you will be more likely to get one!

So while the old glass tip jars certainly have charm, they are fast becoming a novelty item from the past rather than a sleek and efficient way to collect tips.

 Find out more about assigning tips on ROLLER POS here.

7. Create tabs in POS

POS systems now offer functionality whereby you can create tabs to keep track of guest order items such as food and beverage. Staff can make and manage these tabs, and when the guest is ready to leave, the bill can be settled upon departure. Just like a restaurant!

Some systems, such as the ROLLER system, allow a comprehensive list of categories to be included in the tab. Things such as check-in details, discounts, tips, refunds, and food and beverage charges can all be added to and tracked in a single tab.

Never lose track of guest spending again! Learn how to create and manage tabs here.

8. Sell recurring memberships in POS

Memberships are a very important part of running an attractions venue today. They build greater engagement and brand loyalty AND increase revenue!

So it goes without saying that the ability to sell and manage memberships directly from your POS device is crucial. Memberships help capture valuable recurring revenue, so the better your system facilitates this feature, the more it will benefit your venue.

Don't miss out on the benefits of memberships by using the wrong systems! Find out how to sell or upgrade guests to a membership.

9. Offline-mode

While cloud-based systems are the recommended POS system, operators sometimes worry about what might happen if the internet connection drops or when there's planned maintenance. That's why it's essential that the cloud-based POS system your venue uses has 'offline mode' built-in.

A ROLLER POS that was logged in with an active internet connection before going into offline mode will still be able to:

  • Load in any data that is synced before going offline
  • Process new transactions and sync them when the internet connection is restored
  • Connect with peripherals such as printers, scanners, cash drawers, etc.

So while you don't get everything, you can still run your venue in the event of an outage, and this is really valuable.  

Learn more about how offline mode works here.

Don't be held back by your POS system

There are SO many features POS systems have these days that can benefit your venue!

Ensure you choose a modern, user-friendly integrated system that comes complete with a customizable interface and offline mode. These key features all work together to increase efficiency and revenue AND supercharge your guest's experience. Don't miss out!