How payments create a more seamless guest experience

To run a business in any industry, accepting payment from your customer or guest is a critical function that cannot be overlooked.  Without transactions, there is no revenue, and there is no business.  While it seems simple, getting guests to pay for admission or ancillary items shouldn’t be seen as an afterthought.

Even though it’s necessary, the matter is that people don’t like paying.  Not that they aren’t willing to pay or that they automatically balk at your prices, but the physical act of the transaction and going through the associated motions is a friction point in the experience.  For that reason, if the burden can be removed from the payment process, the experience becomes more seamless, the guest experience isn’t interrupted, and you are better set up for success to create a delighted guest.

In the last several years, the ways that we have transacted as consumers have shifted.  While we can attribute a large portion of this shift to technology development, this trend nonetheless happened.  If anything, the pandemic accelerated the trends that were already reaching varying levels of adoption.  For example, if you have used Uber, Amazon, or DoorDash in recent years, then the way you are exchanging money for commodities, goods, services, and experiences is drastically different than it was 15, 10, or even five years ago.

Raise your hand to flag down a taxi, and you better be in an urban center; otherwise, good luck getting a ride.  Buying something online?  Get your credit card ready and be ready to fill out a form with all of your details, then wait weeks to get what you bought.  Ordering a pizza?  Hope you have enough cash for dinner and a tip.

While many friction points were removed from each of the businesses mentioned above to create strong customer adoption, one of the largest pieces of the puzzle that was solved was payments.  Don’t have cash for that taxi or pizza delivery?  Not a problem.  Don’t have the energy to get your wallet and put in your credit card number for buying something online?  You don’t need it.  How transactions are conducted is so easy that you almost forget that you’re paying for the thing you’re buying.

The question now is, how are guests buying tickets to visit your venue?  Is it as easy as getting an Uber to the airport or having a week’s worth of groceries delivered from Amazon Fresh?  If your checkout page looks the same as it did in 2010, your guests have evolved faster than your business has, and it’s time to change.

What have these behemoths done in their industries that have completely changed the expectations of their customers, as well as your guests?  Here is a quick look at three core elements that have improved the payment experience.


Mobile optimization

Research has shown that 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months.  While this has dictated the surge in mobile app creation designed for smartphones, it also means that your web browser must be fully optimized for mobile and that the user experience is just as strong when buying on your phone as it is when buying on a desktop.


Multiple Payment Options

Beyond the Credit Card

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover aren’t the only players in town anymore when buying online.  Newer payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, AliPay, and WeChat Pay have made it extremely easy for customers to transact both in-person and online.  Studies have shown that allowing guests to pay how they want can increase the cart size and value, as well as improve the guest experience.  Is your payment process set up to accept today’s most popular forms of payment?

Buy Now, Pay Later

The popularity of spreading payments out over time cannot be understated.  You no longer need to hold out on large purchases because you need the time to save up the money, nor do you need to accept a high-interest credit card fee.  A recent interview conducted by Skift uncovered that the hospitality industry has not fully embraced BNPL technology such as ZipPay or Afterpay, and neither have attractions… but it’s time.  Your guests want greater convenience, and especially when making large purchases, being able to make multiple smaller payments can drastically increase online conversion.


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