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How Can Trampoline Parks Drive Revenue and Improve the Customer Experience?


Trampoline parks are bouncing along and are more popular than ever.

Teens, kids (and kids at heart) are racing along in record numbers to the latest trampoline park for a high-octane dose of fun.

Not too long ago, trampoline parks were small and simple. Today, venues typically comprise obstacle courses, ninja courses, laser tag, tunnels and slides… oh, and trampolines.

As the industry goes from strength to strength with new offerings and technological advancements, we explore how you can use software solutions to increase sales and delight your customers.

Using technology to get ahead

Technology plays a big part in how a guest experiences trampoline parks. Guests want innovative interactions, fun and fuss-free experiences, and if you don’t meet their needs, someone else will.

Taking advantage of awesome technology is a great way to delight customers and keep them coming back. Forbes reports that “a long-term customer is of more value than a single-deal customer, and it’s a lot less expensive to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.”

Easy-to-implement and simple-to-use cloud-based software make daily decision-making a breeze. Your operations are more efficient, everything you need is in one place and sensitive business and customer data is super safe, too.

The right software solution can also make things like complex group bookings and memberships effortless and enable you to focus on maximizing profits through upselling and cross-selling techniques.

Group bookings

You already know that group bookings bring in a massive fraction of your overall revenue. More people at your venue means more food & beverage sales, more opportunities for add-ons and most importantly, more people to impress so they keep coming back.

What you may not know, is that the solution you use to manage your group bookings can greatly impact how you AND your customers experience the purchasing process. Some of the necessary admin tasks can be tedious. They can involve filling out forms and waiting for a call-back or going through other convoluted steps. Not to mention taking payments, creating invoices and manually sending confirmation emails.

The best software lets you take care of admin with the click of a button. Such as fully automated invoice creation with credit card link that instantly updates the booking status when paid. And did we mention that you can automate confirmation emails with all tickets attached? They’re easily scannable, too, for a quick check-in when your guests arrive.

The seamless ability to manage, email, invoice, customize and coordinate means you spend less time doing painstaking tasks and more time delighting and impressing your guests.


What’s better than a cluster of new customers? New customers who commit to coming back. Guests who purchase memberships are guaranteed revenue raisers. Not only do they assure automatic billing, but these guests tend to visit your venue more often, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing more products such as food and beverage, or booking additional activities.

Members are also likely to tell non-members about your venue, and who doesn’t love free marketing?


Upselling is all about convincing a customer to purchase something that would make the primary product more premium. For example, a burger purchase can be upsold to a meal-deal offer, and a regular ticket purchase can be upsold to a VIP experience, allowing the customer to skip lines and receive preferential treatment.

Effective upselling should always come from a desire to identify and fill customers’ needs, rather than trying to push a more expensive product/service to make a quick buck.

Remember, an upsell offer should be relevant to your original offer. It should add value to the customer and be an offer too good to refuse.


You can’t always convince a customer to pay more for a premium product or service. But you CAN create other revenue-raising avenues, such as cross-selling. Cross-selling is simply offering customers complementary add-ons to their initial purchase.

An example could include offering a customer the option of purchasing socks with their half-hour jump session. The customer is already active and invested in what you’re offering, so you will have a greater chance of increasing the value of the sale.

Increasing sales with ROLLER

ROLLER’s cloud-based all-in-one software is helping thousands of trampoline parks, just like yours, increase revenue by re-defining the customer experience. ROLLER offers easy-to-use, customizable solutions for your venue that will help you grow while we grow with you.

In fact, our mission at ROLLER is to continually develop flexible and scalable solutions that empower your business and allows you to offer your guests better and more exciting experiences.

To learn other ways your trampoline park can increase its sales, click the image below to download your free eBook.