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5 Best Customer Service Survey Questions To Ask Your Guests

best customer service survey questions

It’s essential to survey your guests about their experience at your venue. They see through the eyes of a visitor, and because of this, they will make observations about your venue — positive or negative — that may not occur to you or your staff.

Another reason to survey your guests is that it allows you to get ahead and ask them about their experience before they have the chance to post publicly about it. This way, you receive actionable feedback and protect your reputation against potential online attacks.

So, join us as we go through the five best customer service survey questions that will help you better hear your guest's voice and, as a result, improve your operations.

How to ask questions that reap rich responses

Before we get to the questions, let's discuss how to formulate them effectively.

Ask unambiguous questions

Remember that guests are serving you by taking the time out of their busy days to take your survey. So make your questions as simple and easy to respond to as possible.

Ask short, unambiguous questions that do not require lengthy answers. As a bonus, unambiguous questions reap unambiguous answers, so you receive better guest data too.

Make answering as easy as possible

Speaking of short answers, you must also make responding to your questions effortless.

For example, consider using a numerical scale with numbers from one to five and icons on either end indicating what the numbers represent. As pictured below, next to number one could have the words ‘👎Poor’, and five could be accompanied by:‘👍Excellent.’

In this way, the guest can quickly and accurately provide feedback.

Pro tip: Make your survey pop with attractive colors, buttons, and visuals that entice the guest to complete it. Don’t make it look like something they’d complete at their workplaces!

Ask questions about all stages of the customer journey

Your guests’ journey starts when they first hear of you. And from that point, every touchpoint they have with your business matters.

Ask questions about how they found the online ticket purchasing process and how helpful they found the staff at your venue.

Receiving feedback on your guests' entire experience is crucial. It gives you a complete picture of how your customer service ranks at all stages and helps you pinpoint precisely where improvement may be needed.

Top 5 customer service questions to ask

It is good practice to design your surveys in a way that reaps the most well-rounded responses from your guests. So it’s best to ask questions about different aspects/ stages of the customer experience and journey.

To achieve this, ROLLER’s guest feedback tool, the Guest Experience Score, surveys your guests on four main areas of their experience (Service, Facilities, Value, and Safety). Below, we will go through five questions regarding customer service that Guest Experience Score asks, which are some of the most effective service-related questions.

1. How would you rate the service?

This is a fantastic question to ask at the start of a survey since your guests will be most engaged at this point. To maintain their interest, a simple first question like this that can be answered using a numerical scale is perfect.

2. When you arrived, how efficient were we at getting you started with your experience?

Next, keep the questions sequential and ask about the next stage in the customer journey.

A question like this is a good one to ask as it is not an area businesses usually ask their guests for feedback about, but as they say, first impressions count, so it is important to know whether or not your venue made an excellent first impression on your guests.  

3. Were there any memorable interactions you had with staff?

When asking your guests questions about service, it’s always good to ask them to point out if they had any specific interactions with your staff that stood out as excellent.

This way, you can give your team members detailed feedback and congratulate them on a well-done job. You can also use this knowledge to encourage/ train similar behavior in other staff.

4. How could we have improved your visit?

Here we come to the learnings for future business improvement. Always ask your guests how they think your venue could be improved.

As mentioned earlier, your guests have a unique perspective and can offer suggestions you may not have considered. And these improvements are likely just what your other guests want too!

5. How likely are you to visit again?

Perhaps one of the most important questions to ask your guests is whether they would return to your venue.

From this answer, you get a clear indication of how your venue performed overall and if your guests are likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Pro tip

It’s best to leave the questions which require longer answers to the end and give guests a ‘Skip & Submit’ option/ button for these questions.

Guests are typically less likely to want to provide extended responses, so if they are time-poor, they can skip these questions and submit the survey rather than getting flustered and leaving the survey incomplete.

Even better, consider using a survey tool, like ROLLER’s Guest Experience Score, that collects guest feedback regardless of whether guests submit the survey. The Guest Experience Score records every interaction the guest submits, so no data is lost if the guest abandons the survey.

How to implement surveys at your venue

The best way to implement surveys at your venue is to use a guest feedback tool. Using a guest feedback tool like ROLLER’s Guest Experience Score takes all the hard/ manual work out of collecting, managing, and analyzing guest feedback.

The Guest Experience Score will collect guest feedback for you at optimal times, analyze this feedback and provide you with rich, actionable customer insights. On average, venues who use the Guest Experience Score tool find that their GX Score (an aggregate score of your guest experience survey responses) rises 27% after just one year!

Additionally, Guest Experience Score garners a 67% higher survey response rate than the average survey tool. It also provides better user experiences for your guests as it has been created to be extremely user-friendly.

Surveys are an invaluable tool for business improvement

When you ask your guests the right questions at the right time and in the right way, you will procure valuable business improvement insights through their feedback.

Ensure that you approach your survey creation from the point of view of the guest and what kind of question and answer format they would prefer, and would make them more likely to engage with your survey.

Brainstorm beforehand, and condense the most pertinent feedback you want from your guests into the simplest and easiest to understand and respond to questions. Then, ask away!

Learn more about ROLLER’s Guest Experience Score and how it can help your venue gather rich guest feedback and business improvement insights here.