Behind the Scenes with Sean Fernadez, CIO, Engineering

In Australia, tech companies generate a cumulative $167 billion per year and employ more than 800,000 staff members throughout the country.  ROLLER is thrilled to play even a small part of these impressive statistics, with a team of more than 70 talented employees, and a culture that meets the needs and desires of today’s working Australians.

Take, for example, Sean Fernandez is ROLLER’s Chief Information Officer.  Even with his commitments to ROLLER, Sean finds the balance between work and life manageable, not to mention rewarding.


What’s your career background?

I started my career working as a system engineer, straight out of uni. I got started in Computer science because I enjoyed tinkering with technology, building websites, building systems, being a part of online communities.

In my career technology has evolved from physical servers, to virtualisation and now the cloud. To keep up I get involved in both formal and informal training. Mostly I just like to get hands on the new technology and experiment to build my knowledge of how they work and whether they will be fit for purpose for the company.


What do you like about working for ROLLER?

The coolest part of my job is working with great people. We have hired some of the best talent in the industry. We have fun together.

ROLLER incubates and nurtures a high performing culture by trusting their talented team to do excellent work by giving them freedom and flexibility to design their day

I was the first person to take up ROLLER’s parental leave benefit after it was launched. It’s an amazing benefit, I took it at 50%, meaning I took 4 weeks of leave over 8 weeks.


What are some of the benefits about your work environment?

I was saying to one of my friends the other day, we are one of the first generations that get to spend so much time with our children - working from home, being able to support our partners, being there for my other children. I feel privileged to be in this generation, with the technology available and working for ROLLER.

We are a global company operating 24 x 7 which means sometimes I do need to get on late night calls. Sometimes you just have to do these things. But I'd work them in around feed times and it was fine.

The reduced hours formed as an easy transition period back to work. 


What advice would you give someone who is interested in a career in tech?

My advice to others interested in a career in tech? Absolutely do it!  Technology enables the lifestyle you want to have. Work flexibly, have a family and learn continuously. “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”  –  Seth Godin, 

The tech sector in Australia has seen a substantial boom in the last several years.  Currently, approximately 1 out of 16 working Australians is a software developer or engineer, which is more than there are hairdresser, plumbers, or high school teachers.

ROLLER is proud to support the Tech Council of Australia as career opportunities continue to grow in the technology sector.  Providing a fantastic company culture leads to business growth, which leads to more career opportunities, and more career opportunities mean more economic stimulation.


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