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A few stats, before we get started…


Businesses have switched from your current provider to ROLLER in the last 90 days.


Businesses have switched from ROLLER to your current provider in the last 90 days.


Of businesses that have switched, are happy with their decision.

Q1. Switching is going to be painful, right?

There’s no kidding, you will have to put in the effort, to reap the rewards… but it is not as daunting as it may seem…

Our platform is very intuitive and easy to adopt right out of the box. We have successfully transitioned hundreds of Parks like you, from on-premise, server-based providers, to ROLLER—with great success.


Kale Little - Sky Zone

“Initially there was an obvious learning curve in transitioning from [previous provider] but that was easily overcome with a more streamlined and user-friendly setup in ROLLER”


Q2. How long does it typically take to get up and running?

That really depends on you and your availability!

We have had some clients that have successfully switched in a matter of days.

For the best experience, we recommend our standard 4-week onboarding plan, that will ensure you are fully up to speed before you launch with us, but we can be flexible ;)

Q3. What about support?

We’ve got your back! You’ll have access to our comprehensive online knowledge base, where you can type your questions in, and find answers. Give it a go here!

If you can’t get the answers you need, we have a global team of Client Success Managers, across our 3 offices (USA, AUS, EMEA) ready to help 24 / 7, 365 days a year!

Your success is our success!


Steve Jeffery - Energi Trampoline Park Group

"Their support network is second to none, coming from fantastic hands-on owners right the way through to the support team."


Q4. What about the cloud?

Being cloud-based is now the standard of any modern technology business. It's faster, more flexible, more accessible, more secure, and more scalable. [See Gartner Research]

We have had our 'heads in the cloud' now for 7 years and counting. Experience in this technology is vital! Being in the cloud enables us to develop and deliver enhancements to you much faster than on-premise server-based platforms.


A word of caution

If your current provider is looking to upgrade from on-premise servers to the cloud, just be aware that this requires a completely different technology skillset, so you may be in for a bumpy ride whilst they make this transition.

Q5. Does the ROI stack up?

Our platform has proven to do many things better, including better conversions online that drive revenue, faster check-in times to increase the throughput, faster back of house processes that save countless hours, and a range of products that enable new revenue growth and drive operational efficiencies.

But at the core of all of this, is a better Guest Experience, which ultimately will drive revenue, repeat visitation, higher spends per head.


Urban Extreme

"The ROLLER platform has revolutionised the entertainment centre industry providing Urban Xtreme with the enhanced customer experience and features that provide the company with an increase in revenue."


Q6. Can I use my existing hardware?

We have built our platform in a way that enables most modern PC computers (IE less than 4-ish years old) to effectively operate with ROLLER.

To check on whether your current hardware meets our recommended specs, please download our hardware specs.

If you want to get a full hardware audit with one of our specialists, click here.

Q7. What do you NOT do?

We want to be as upfront as we possibly can to make sure you make the right decision for your business. Here are some things we don’t do, that you may be expecting in our platform:

Biometrics login
Our solution allows for use of unique codes, and also RFID cards and wristbands that replace this function

Time Tracker break rules
There are few USA centric upgrades happening here, which address breakrules and labor costs.


Kale Little - Sky Zone

"Insert quote on, they listen, and deliver. But also suggest better ways of doing things."


You can keep track of our progress on these things by checking in on our product board. 

Q8. If I switch, what happens to my existing data?

Great question!! And good news is you can bring your data along with you!

We have built a data import tool that allows you to upload your data, so you’re not starting from scratch.

The data import tool is easy to use, and currently supports waivers, gift cards, customer records, products, and future bookings.


Adventure Air Sports

"We switched to ROLLER because we were very excited about how progressive it is. Our previous platform just didn’t ‘get’ what we needed to do."


Q9. Why are you more expensive?

We service businesses that understand the value of our product, service, and partnership.

Not only has our platform outperformed others in side-by-side comparison of features, we also have more functionality that others do not offer, that will give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Yes we are premium in pricing... Buy we are also premium in our offering.


Chipmunks Franchise

"Using ROLLER is like driving an Audi or a Mercedes as opposed to a Daihatsu or Ford Cortina Mark 2. There is no comparison!"

Q10. Who has made the switch, and how are they going?

We have successfully onboarded hundreds of forward-thinking business onto our platform, from on-premise server-based providers such as the one you are using.

After making the decision to switch from your current provider, we have only had 2% of clients leave us for another provider.

For the other 98%, they have seen increases in operational efficiencies, more revenue captured, lower overheads, and ultimately and most importantly, an improved ability to deliver better guest experiences.

about hero